Repaired Sanctuary Roofs

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Repaired Sanctuary Roofs

This fixes the holes in the roofs on the houses in Sanctuary. The big holes in the roofs really bugged me, so I replaced all the roofs with their pre-war versions, while still maintaining the post-war textures.

Object Collision is intact, so it shouldn’t rain inside the houses.
You can build on them the same way you were able to build on the destroyed roofs.
I had to remove a couple dormers from one of the roofs due to incompatibility, but that won’t affect anything negatively.

I don’t believe this will cause the Cell Reset Bug.

I haven’t tested it myself. But these aren’t precombined meshes, which seem to be the culprit that causes that bug. But like I said, backup your saves regardless.

You might see a little bit of texture flash here and there while I tweak everything where it needs to be. I had to lower some of the meshes so that they didn’t cause gaps, or to try and fit them together a little better, but it won’t be anything major, and it won’t cause any issues performance wise.

Since this is a simple mesh replacer, you’ll end up seeing these roofs outside of sanctuary. Basically any house that uses this mesh will have an intact roof.

If you spot any bugs, post a screenshot or pinpoint them to me in the comments so that I can fix them.

If interest is shown, I may be able to recreate the prewar player house. Unfortunately I can’t do the same to the other houses. Bethesda didn’t make any interiors for them. I could theoretically replace all the houses with the pre-war player house, but it would look like one of those gated communities where all the houses look the same…

Extract the file into your Fallout 4 file.
I’ll try to make it NMM compatible, I’ve never made one before so we’ll see what happens…

Follow the path meshes/architecture/buildings/residential
delete the contents

I suppose anyone who wants to make use of these meshes can do so freely, just make sure to give a shout out. I’d prefer they stay on the Nexus, though.

Maybe later I’ll jazz up the description a little bit…

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