Russian Assault Pack – SVD Dragunov etc.

Russian Assault Pack – SVD Dragunov etc.

Russian Assault Pack – SVD Dragunov – Saiga 12 – PP-19 Bizon – Stechkin APS – MP412 REX

“Modders make Fallout 4 more tactical.”
This is the Russian translation of the mod Russian Assault Pack.
With the permission of the author, the mod was translated and posted. See the original mod on this page.

Russian Assault Pack is a collection of 5 new weapons and 1st equipment, fully animated and customizable.

Each weapon has its own niche next to the rest of the samples, with the help of modifications and attachments, as an example – turning a shotgun into a heavy rifle with bullet cartridges and an extended barrel or increasing the ammunition and rate of fire of a pistol, etc.

Included Weapons:
– Saiga 12 (Shotgun)
– PP-19 ‘Bison’ (submachine gun)
– SVD ‘Dragunov’ (Sniper carbine)
– Stechkin AP (Automatic pistol)
– MP412 REX (Revolver)
– Special Forces Uniform (Equipment)

All weapons have their own reticle when using the Scrivener’s Scopes Framework, which can be downloaded here.

Due to recent changes in the latest Fallout 4 and Creation Kit updates that were made to expand the number of plugin forms, this mod and most of the mods that will be released now (after update 1.10.162) will not work in any version until 1.10 .162, if you find that your game crashes or the mod simply doesn’t appear after installation, most likely you are not using the new version of the game and you will have to update it.

F4SE and most of the mods that depend on it have already been updated, so there is no reason not to update it at this point.

Where to get all this?
Each item added by this mod can be made in the Assault Set section of any chemical laboratory, the weapon is also integrated into several level lists (mainly merchants, arrows and raiders) at levels 10-35 +.

Alternatively, if you want to add them through the console, these commands will provide you with the appropriate identifiers:
‘help saiga 4 train’
‘help svd 4 train’
‘help bizon 4 train’
‘help aps 4 train’
‘help mp412 4 train’
‘help special 4 armo’

Q: Where can I get this?

Q: Will you do [Paste the desired change / mod name here].
No, the author already knows what he wants to do, and you will find out in due time.

Q: Patch for Horizon / other mods?
The author will not make any patches, but anyone can download it if this mod is a requirement.

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What is this mod use for

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