Sanctuary Hills Prewar Expansion Pack

Sanctuary Hills Prewar Expansion Pack

Sanctuary Hills
Prewar Expansion Pack

This mod describes the going on’s in Sanctuary just before the bombs dropped.

This adds back story, along with a number of brand new items to post war Sanctuary for you to find and collect. The story is primarily told through notes left by prewar residents before the war. I tried my best to stick with what was already laid out by Bethesda. Lore friendly as hell!


Summary: Nate and Nora (The playable characters default names) lived in Sanctuary Hills prior to the Great War. Nora had been a huge fan of Grognak The Barbarian since she was a little girl. While Nate was off at war Nora buried herself in Grognak and the Ruby Ruins holotape game, and continued building her collection of Grognak lunchboxes, apparel, and rare collectables. Little did she know of the craziness that was happening around her. Chem addiction, communist paranoia, and possible Red spies. It’s up to you to locate all 8 containers to get the full story and retrieve all of Nora’s collectables.

CURRENT ISSUES: Tanks Tops only show up on females. Males get vanilla outfit.

Install: unzip file and drop the Data folder into your Fallout 4 installation file. Than activate the TWO esp files with a mod manager.

Inside the Data file you will see two .esp files. This is because I separated the leveled list edits just in case a compatibility issue arose with other mods. If you find that this mod conflicts with another that edits leveled lists, simply uninstall the “SH Expansion Leveled List.esp file” and you’ll be golden.

Compatibility: Will likely have problems with any mod that edits the Sanctuary Cell data. If you come across such a mod leave a post and I’ll look into creating a patch.

CLOTHING: This mod adds 3 tank top and jean outfits and 3 T-shirt and jean outfits. The main download best matches Busty GRRL body mod found here: However it works just fine with the EVB or vanilla bodies also. If you decide it’s not your taste I have optional models for both tank tops and t-shirts in the optional downloads. The Tanktop outfit can be replaced with Simply Clothes style, and the T-shirts are replaced with the vanilla games T-shirt and slacks. You still get the various retextures with the optional downloads. I suggest trying the Main download first and go from there.

Thanks to: Invalidfate for Simply Clothes!

Credits: tonicmole
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