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Sanctuary Military Industrial Complex

Fresh saved game level 87, all the caps you need, legendary equipment, legendary power armor, legendary weapons, no quest done, with an entire Military Industrial Complex at Sanctuary. You have all the stores, settlers, equipment, and resources you need without any of the work. The Base is epic on a scale that I have never seen in any settlement to-date. The files are save 4 and 5, 4 is prior to leaving Sanctuary to assist the Settlers in Concord, just fresh out of the Vault and does not include the Armory, or the Cemetery and a couple of fine details, save 5 is just after Concord has been helped, and has everyone at Santuary and the Base 100%. I detail which is which in the file descriptions.


“Settlements Expanded
“More Prefab Houses
“Fantastic Food Planters
“Better Settlers
“Safe SSEx
“Concord Settlement
“Gore Overhaul
“More Where That Came From
“Child Settlers
“4K HD Textures – Power Armors
“Realistic Weapon Sounds “Longer Power Lines Infinite
“Minutemen General’s Uniform
“0.8 – Alternate Settlements
“0.9a – Alternate Settlements
“Scrap Everything
“True Storms
“Faster Terminal Displays (100x)
“Invulnerable Turrets
“Utopia Generator
“Companion Infinite Ammo and Unbreakable Power Armour
“Armor Mods Expanded – More Slots Edition
“DD_Ramps_Mark1 v 2.0
“Increased Settler Population 50
“No More Rusty Metal Armor v1.1
“Valkyr Body Texture-3841-1-1
“Boston Airport Workbench Fix
“Durable Vertibirds
“PipBoy Screen – Sexy Vault Girl or variation there of, you will get the point once you see what it does to your Pip boy.
“Functional Weapon Racks v0.2.2
“Revealing Combat Armor
“All merchants Fix 0.3 – with instructions for unique settlers-Baby don’t run away…
“Vibrant Wasteland 2.1
“Cut Weapon Mods Restored
“Sustainable flying the jet pack does not consume AP
“Darkened military fatigues
“Buildable Power Armor Frames
“Fallout Themed Custom Paintings
“Courser Armor
“Black Edition Motorcycle
“Proper Stores and Animations
“Military Cap Swap to Minuetmen Theme Cap
“Weightless Junk and Other Items
“LED Platinum Pip-Boy Deluxe
“Power everywhere
“Cheap pylon-Power everywhere – Long range pylon
“Scrap dead things
“Snap’n Build – Settlement Keywords (SK) 0.4a patch
“Snap’n Build
“Legendary Modification
“Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests – Disable Minutemen Raidant Quests and Defense
“Summon Companions
“Settlement Keywords
“Q Craftable Lanterns
“Fallout Pool Party
“Homemaker – Expanded Settlements
“Clean Power Armor HUD
“Cool Maps For Fallout4 – Ultimate 4K
“Robot Home Defence

NOTE: I did find that bots do not like to use custom ramps or stairs, so you will see that the save after Concord works better for BOT AI housing because I made the floors in the Barracks woods and easy access to the beds and stores.

Below is how to personalize the save to your taste by changing sex, name or look right off.

You can then change your sex or name via console with:
if you want to edit the character looks and sex you can also use:
showlooksmenu 14

Please read my user guide if you want to know how I managed to get all the mods to work, when many of the building mods often do not work together.

Credits: DLROKen
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