Scrappable Outpost Zimonja

Scrappable Outpost Zimonja

~Scrappable Outpost Zimonja~

A friend was frustrated with trying to work with Outpost Zimonja as a settlement because quite a few “housing” pieces weren’t storable or even scrappable. I took a look through the ESM and noticed that many of the pieces in question are just the non-buildable versions of standard buildable parts, so I swapped the references over to the buildable versions.

I had to make a couple bits scrappable (there’s a set of wooden poles that just didn’t want to be storable) instead of just buildable, but otherwise everything is behaving perfectly.

~Scrappable Commonwealth~

This one is Scrappable Zimonja’s 600lb sumo-wrestler big brother… I’ve expanded the scope (but not changed the concept) of Scrappable Zimonja to include the ENTIRE commonwealth – if it looks like it should be a scrappable piece of a house, then it IS a scrappable piece of a house. This is not a “cleanup” mod pack (even though it will in all likelyhood clean up things quite a bit), it’s just a conversion for all of the structural world items that you would expect to be able to scrap if there were a workshop nearby… and on the subject of the workshop, I’ve made it so that you can now pick it up and move it around in your newly-cleared settlements.

As a bonus, this has made the mods that allow you to put down a workshop anywhere significantly more interesting, as the area where you put down a workshop will be much more “scrappable”, and if you take over a Raider town, you can tear down all their walls and houses, and rebuild it to suit your own tastes, or just tear it down and leave it blank, so they don’t have a place to hide anymore. Just think of what you could do to a place like Easy City Downs, or one of the overpasses that the Gunners are always camped out up on top of!

I’ve had to make a number of new “recipes” for some of the wall/floor/roof components that weren’t available by default – I suspect this might conflict with Expanded Settlement Buildings, as we’re likely both working with the same settlement objects. Once I’ve gotten further into the mod I’ll take a look at making a compatibility patch. I’ve also made a few recipes for things that need to be removed once you clear out all the walls – those red oil lanterns being prime offenders – there’s also some sheets of plywood marked for use in Diamond City, and some funky strings of light bulbs. I’m pretty sure there will be more added to the list as I get more settlements processed and discover new weirdness.

Scrappable Commonwealth isn’t even REMOTELY close to finished – I’ve only really done Zimonja, Abernathy, and Spectacle Island, so there’s plenty more existing settlements that likely need work, and when it comes to putting a workshop down where there isn’t one already, there’s no telling what will pop up. All that having been said though, I’ve already made changes to 6200 records – that’s 6200 “shack” walls, floors, and roofs, spread ALL over the Commonwealth, that weren’t already made out of scrappable stuff.

I haven’t gotten to the metal structures yet, and I don’t even know what to think when it comes to the Institute areas – maybe some enterprising fellow down the road can make a merge for my mod and Homemaker, and you’ll be able to take over the Institute and rebuild it to your liking, with their own walls and floors.

~Relocated Settlement Trash~
This is more of a plugin for Scrappable Commonwealth than anything else – while working on Abernathy, we found that once we’d cleared all the structural parts away, there was garbage everywhere (it was floating in the air, which was horrible). I know there’s issues with deleting the entries entirely, so I just moved all of the trash to be underneath the visible ground layer. This -should- prevent the “cell reset bug”, but as with all mods that deal with worldspace edits, I would recommend making a good save before putting these mods into your game.

This mod is perfectly usable by itself, and will clean all the trash out of the settlements that me and my friends have managed to work on – clearing the trash is a lot harder to do than you likely think, as there is a TON of it out there, and it has to all be modified by hand in the mod’s file.

Built with FO4Edit!
Special thanks goes out to rdunlap and my buddy Starkad1 for the help in testing the mods during construction!!

## To Do
I plan to expand this mod to encompass other settlements later once I get my own copy of FO4 behaving properly again – I had to rely on the kindness of strangers to get this one tested. If you have a specific settlement you’d like looked at, then read through the comments thread on this mod, and you can see the steps we used to identify what pieces needed to be converted.

## Note
I do not know if this mod triggers the “power armor/container reset bug” that happens when worldspace records are edited – my edits are pretty benign (I didn’t make any deletions or disables, I just changed statics to other identical statics). If you’re concerned about possibly losing items, make sure that before you use this mod you don’t have anything stored at this location in containers that you didn’t personally make, and don’t leave any power armor at this location unless it’s on a frame that you bought from a vendor or spawned through the console to get around the same bug with other mods like Scrap Scrap or Spring Cleaning. Considering how annoying Zimonja was as a settlement, it’s more likely than not that nobody stores anything here anyways.

Constructed containers and store-bought frames are exempt from the bug, so it’s easy to work around even if it’s present in a mod.

Credits: Lapdragon
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