SECRET ITEM Doge Whistle Dog Whistle

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SECRET ITEM Doge Whistle Dog Whistle

again, another buried item brought back from the dead πŸ˜€

Never again lose your precious DogMeat. Now with your new trusty Doge Whistle your faithful companion will come running to you πŸ˜€

Sooooo I found a dog whistle buried in the code and figured I would bring it out for everyone to use, I even added a little flare to it for your enjoyment.

To get the item you need to use the consol

press ~
then type ” help doge 0 ”
you will then see ” ALCH: (xxxxxxxx) < – those x's will most likely be different for everyone so remember your own x's
now type " player.additem "what ever the above x's are" 1

now check it out and equip it

you can also use the code player.additem 14f5bf 1 to get it as a bottle of rum but I dont think that's as fun

As stated in the Harpoon Gun, I have no idea why this was not put into the game sooooo install at your own risk
once dropped it is unable to be picked up, it will float in space but hey if you want floating doge everywhere go for it ;D

Devon Hartman - xxdeathknight72xx
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What is this mod use for

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