Settlement Aid Program _SPOILER_

Settlement Aid Program _SPOILER_

SPOILER WARNING: The primary feature of this holotape program reveals a significant game spoiler. Please stop reading further into this description if you wish to avoid being spoiled.

The Settlement Aid Program (SAP for short) has three features, the first of which is the primary reason why I created this mod.

Synth Spy Detector
This feature indicates which of your settlements have active synth spies.

Unassigned Settlers
This feature lists settlements which are reported as having unassigned settlers (settlers not assigned to tasks). This is not nearly as useful as it sounds, as companions and provisioners (settlers that you assign to supply routes) count as unassigned settlers. I’m hoping this can be ‘fixed’ when GECK is released for Fallout 4.

Impending Attacks
Lists settlement attack quests that have started, but may not have yet shown in the quest log or displayed any notice to the user. I added this feature primarily to catch synth spy sabotage missions before they occur.

Usage Instructions
Only copy and use *one* of the included ESP files. I will not cover what to to do with an ESP file here.

The ‘EASY’ version of this mod only requires one steel component to craft the holotape.

The ‘HARD’ version of this mod requires several components as well as rank 3 of the ‘Hacker’ perk to construct the holotape. Additionally, for the synth spy detector feature to work you must construct a Biometric Synth Detector for each settlement you want to be able to detect synth spies in. Each Biometric Synth Detector requires several components and rank 3 of the ‘Science’ perk to craft.

In-game, visit a Chemistry Station, select the ‘UTILITY’ category, and craft the ‘Settlement Aid Program’; this will create a holotape with said name in the ‘MISC’ section of your inventory. There is a space in the beginning of the name of the holotape, so it should appear at the top of the list.

To use the synth spy detector feature when the ‘HARD’ version of the mod has been applied, at the Chemistry station under the ‘UTILITY’ category, craft one ‘Biometric Synth Scanner’ for each settlement you want to be able to detect synth spies in. These will also be added to the ‘MISC’ section of your inventory. Place one Biometric Synth Scanner into the workbench of each settlement you want to be able to detect synth spies in.

Use the holotape in your Pip Boy or any terminal to use its features.

Here is a video of the mod in action. As requested, here is a video describing methods for weeding out a synth spy.

This is the first mod that I’ve created for this game (and the game franchise in general). I apologize for any poor adherence to conventions and standards.

Credits: FlatulentGerbil
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