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Shock Therapy

Hi there.

First of all, this is my very first mod, so don’t expect something too elaborated. Any suggestions / feedback are welcome, feel free to comment.


So, I added a standalone .44 pistol with electric / tazer effect. Every bullet deals a few amount of damage over time and stun the ennemy, on top of the base weapon damage. Yeah … kinda op right ? But it’s fun ! ^^

– The dot deals 20 damage over 10s, and the stun last 1s (+ the animation). Note that some ennemies are not affected by the stun.
– I also increased the base damage from 48 to 55.

– Craftable at the Chemistry lab, under the utility tab.
– You’ll need Gun nut rank 3 and Science Rank 3 to build it.

Well, that’s about it. Hope you’ll enjoy !

*** You’ve guest it, i’m not a native english speaker, so please don’t mind the mistakes :p

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