Your solution for all those annoying, obtrusive and un-immersive pesky sounds!
You will feel at ease knowing your characters ears will never need to suffer again.


A fully modular immersion mod that silences the most annoying and un-immersive sounds of Fallout 4, created for you by our team member Sleggo.

As GamerPoets is a YouTube channel and website dedicated to immersive Role-Play, it was only natural that this mod has been in our thoughts from the start. We are pleased to say Sleggo has done an awesome job.

GamerPoets is currently doing a non-immersive Fallout 4 Lets-play to get viewer suggestions on what direction we will take for the future Fallout 4 immersive and cinematic Role-play series. If you’re a Role-Play and or Lets-Play fan, please give us a visit and leave your suggestions. If you want to see specific mods in actions, please leave a comment on the YouTube channel, and Michael will test them out in one of the next lets-play episodes.


***PICK AND CHOOSE what sounds YOU want muted and what sounds you don’t (FOMOD)***

Sounds Currently Silenced

– Heartbeat sound (low health)
– Level Up sound
– Location Discovery sound
– Pip Boy Scrolling Sounds
– XP gain sound (Enemy Death “Cha-ching”)
– Quest UI Sounds
– VATS Critical hit Sounds
– Activate Sound (annoying “click” when no target is selected)

Future Plans

– Player Voice
– Modifying Build-Mode Sounds
– Please leave suggestions and I’ll see what I can do…


Make sure the following line is changed in your Fallout4.ini file and contains the SOUND catagory (Found in C:/Users/*Your name*/My Documents/My Games/Fallout4):

Under [Archive] sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, INTERFACE\, SOUND\, MUSIC\

There are two versions:
– The FOMOD version for modular installation, both for manual and NMM.
– The full version, that will mute all featured sounds.

Mod Manager

Open Nexus Mod Manager. Go to the Files tab of this page and Select the “download with manager” option of your preferred version. Activate “Silence” in NMM.
Tick all the specific sounds you wish to have silenced (FOMOD version only).


Manually download the FOMOD version from the files tab.
In the archive you will find a set of folders, appropriately labelled, in which a sound folder can be found.
– Heartbeat
– Level Up
– Location
– Pip-Boy
– XP gain
– Quest
– Activate

Use the list from the FEATURES section as a guide for the sounds related to the folder name.
From each category for which you wish to have the sounds silenced, copy the Sound folder and paste into ../Steam/Steamapps/common/Fallout4/data


This mod is by no means complete. The goal is to SILENCE (and perhaps lower) as many potentially annoying sounds as possible to increase immersion and relieve irritation.
I know that some others have created similar mods though I (Sleggo) have been working on this since the game was released. I fully intend to see this mod through until what we want to accomplish has been achieved.
View a showcase/tutorial of this mod (when it’s created) and many others at our YouTube Channel.


Special thanks to the following for allowing this mod to be created;
jonwd7 for bringing us Bethesda Archive Extractor
greentea101 for creating Unfuzer CPP Edition
Audacity Team for designing Audacity

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What is this mod use for

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