Simple Gameplay Improvements

Simple Gameplay Improvements


This mod is mainly a compilation of other mods that I really like put together to make the plugin count low and minimize conflicts.
It also has some minor tweaks based on personal taste.
Basically it’s a mod to make the life of people who don’t want to install dozens of mods with small features

So, what does it do?

– Makes the enemies corpses collide with actors
– Balances the experience gained from kills according to the difficulty setting
Very Easy = 50%
Easy = 75%
Normal = 100%
Hard = 125%
Very Hard = 150%
Survival = 200%
– Changes the damage multiplier of the player to match the enemies on harder difficulties
Hard = 150%
Very Hard = 200%
Survival = 200%
– Adds Dirty Water as a Constructible Object at the Cooking Stations
– Increases the time the player stays with the weapon down after lowering it (Controllable Lowered Weapons mod alike)
– Increases the distance from where the ammo shells can be seen
– Increases the number of ammo shells displayed at the same time
– Increases the time that ammo shells are displayed before disappearing
– Increases the number of dead NPCs on the floor at the same time to 60 (default: 15)
– Adds message boxes to attacks against your settlements notifications
– Adds message boxes to “time running out” quest notifications

This mod has the same functionality of the following mods:
– Dead Body Collision by MadAce
– C.E.S.D. – Combat Experience Scalling with Difficulty by Doctor Spoodles (changed the scale, but this was the inspiration)
– Realistic Survival Damage by darthbdaman (another inspiration)
– More Dirty Water by Black Widowmaker (changed the recipe a little bit)
– Controllable Lowered Weapons by JackArbiter (using only overrides in the ESP)
– Shell Rain by pauderek (tweaked his settings a little bit)
– More Dead Bodies by Deaker (tweaked his settings too)
– Shaikujin’s Better warning for settlements being attacked by Shaikujin (added his changes, but kept the Notification)

* Please endorse and track these mods if you enjoy this mod!
** This mod doesn’t contain any new assets, these are all just ESP record changes.
*** Since this mod only changes and add records, I didn’t ask permission to include the changes

So, what else do I need?

All the main changes that those other mods bring have been merged together and other tweaks have also been made, that means that all you need, in order to get all the visual enhancements that these mods offer, is to install the Simple Gameplay Improvements.

Maybe there are other mods from which I took other records, but I don’t remember, if you think I forgot to mention you up there just let me know.

Recommended Mods

I’d also like to recommend other mods that improve the gameplay:
– Simple Bug Fixes by Bonnie
– Mo Betta Scrap by Citre

My other mods
– Simple Visual Improvements
– Simple Inventory Improvements

If there are any improvements you’d like to see here, ask on the posts section!

Please endorse, vote and track if you like this mod!

Credits: UnoPrata
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