Simple Inventory Improvements

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Simple Inventory Improvements


This mod was created after long gameplay sessions where fast travelling to the main settlement became too often for me to enjoy the game. There were already some great mods that helped and added immersion, but none of them satisfied me. So Simple Inventory Improvements was born!

So, what does it do?

– Makes any outfit capable of being worn with armor pieces
– Makes all headgears capable of being worn together if they don’t overlap each other (bandana + glasses + helmet for example)
– Makes all outfits capable of receiving any torso or limb mod and the great ballistic weave

– Introduces three new items to the game
Travel Backpack
Travel Backpack Strapless
Power Armor Luggage
– A new Workbench was created where all the Bags can be created

– Introduces five new mods exclusive to the new bags
Molerat Hide Pockets – adds the prefix [Small Pockets] to the bag
Brahmin Hide Pockets – adds the prefix [Medium Pockets] to the bag
Radstag Hide Pockets – adds the prefix [Medium Pockets] to the bag
Yao Guai Hide Pockets – adds the prefix [Large Pockets] to the bag
Deathclaw Hide Pockets – adds the prefix [Deathclaw Pockets] to the bag

Why another backpack mod?
I thought that the existing backpack mods were nice, but didn’t really accomplish what I wanted.
First, there was the slot issue, I didn’t like having to choose between my rings or bandanas while wearing a backpack. So I changed the backpack slot to an unused one and now there are no problems with other pieces of armor.
Second, the carry weight capacity bonus. I don’t like to think that if you wear a backpack you instantly become stronger and able to carry more weight, so I developed a new system.
The backpacks add more carry weight bonus according to your Strength stat, this is the first variable bonus mod for the backpacks, at least that I know of…

The values

Ok, so let’s explain everything.

The items:
– Backpacks (Regular and Strapless) – 40 carry weight bonus per Strength point
– Power Armor Luggage – 500 carry weight bonus

The mods:
– Molerat Hide Pockets – 5 carry weight bonus per Strength point
– Brahmin Hide Pockets – 10 carry weight bonus per Strength point
– Radstag Hide Pockets – 10 carry weight bonus per Strength point
– Yao Guai Hide Pockets – 15 carry weight bonus per Strength point
– Deathclaw Hide Pockets – 20 carry weight bonus per Strength point

So, someone with a Strength of 1 would have a maximum of 60 carry weight bonus with a backpack, while someone with 10 Strength would have 600.
Power Armor can go from 500 (no mods) to 720 (Deathclaw Hide mod) and up to 900 if you manage to get to 20 points of Strength somehow.

These mods were the inspiration for this new mod:

– Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77 (this mod doesn’t use any of his new assets, only the record changes)
– Bags Mod by tyrbo123 (loved his idea)
– Wereable Travel Backpack by Aldebaran90 [granted permission to use her assets inside this mod] (The first backpack mod for Fallout 4)

* Please endorse and track them if you enjoy this mod!
** This mod contains new assets from Aldebaran90 used with her permission

My other mods
– Simple Visual Improvements
– Simple Gameplay Improvements

If there are any improvements you’d like to see here, ask on the posts section!

Please endorse, vote and track if you like this mod!

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