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Sincerely Cait

Sincerely Cait is an appearance modification for the companion Cait, and the second mod in my planned Sincerely series. As with my Piper mod, my intent was to improve upon her looks without overly deviating from the original, all while still embracing the true spirit of the character. Additionally, I’ve included two other options for this mod for anyone who wants the extra bit of detail and immersion in their gameplay:

Scarred — Same as the Standard version, but adds (you guessed it!) scars to Cait’s face. Nothing too ridiculous, of course, but I felt that a woman who has been in her profession as long as she has would have earned at least a couple of scars.

Chem-Junkie — Perhaps not for everyone, but I wanted my Cait to have a chem addiction that has taken a noticeable toll on her physical appearance. This one not only makes her look like a total train wreck, but also includes the scars from the Scarred version.

My suggestion would be to start out with Chem-Junkie and then switch to the Scarred option later (perhaps I’ll have a mod that does this automatically once the kit is released). But if you simply want a normal, clean version of Cait, then the Standard version is for you. Gotta love options!

Not to worry, this mod does not require any other mods to use. You can simply run this mod on its own and still see a pleasant improvement. However, I specifically designed Sincerely Cait to work alongside several other mods that I feel improve upon her appearance even more. So, if you like what you see and want to get the full effect shown in my posted images, I highly recommend you check out the mods listed below.

– Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- (link NSFW) — I personally use the Curvy and NeverNude settings.
– Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures — The body textures aren’t compatible with CBBE, but I prefer its face textures.
– The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition — My favorite eye mod, hands down!
– Wasteland Salon – Hair Texture Improvement Mod — Great for noticeably improved hair.
– Suppress the Facial Expression — Tbh, I find vanilla facial expressions too exaggerated and cheesy. This mod tones it down nicely.

– Clean Light Preset — This is the ENB preset I’m currently using. While fantastic for giving the game a clean, cinematic look, it doesn’t affect Cait’s appearance directly. Feel free to choose an ENB to your own liking, or use none at all.

The following mods are also recommended by Baboo77 and SlayerRFCSM to further improve Sincerely Cait, particularly the Chem-Junkie version. Kudos to you guys and the authors of these mods!

– Unique Followers — A take on d_rail1602’s Unique Player, allowing you to choose separate body textures and meshes for each individual follower.
– Dirty Body – CBBE Expansion (link NSFW) — Not only does help the character look dirtier, but it even has some injection marks on the left arm!
– Full Body Tattoos — These tattoos look amazing, just sayin’.

– Sincerely Piper

Sincerely Cait is a simple mod to install, and doesn’t have any required load order or special instructions at this time. I suggest using Nexus Mod Manager, as it’s by far the easiest method, but manual installation works too if that’s what you prefer. If you don’t have experience installing mods, or are having issues, then there’s a thorough step-by-step guide located HERE. Any issues beyond that, feel free to message me.


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