SMWMM – Enabling Mods in Survival Beta

SMWMM – Enabling Mods in Survival Beta


Beth, you’re good. You’ve tried to disable the mods in your beta. You went as far as to even disable the console. Silly beth.

Now hear me, children! We can bring our beloved mods back! Here’s how:
Solution #1 (buggy)
step 1: open Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4.ini with your favorite notepad.exe.
step 2: under the [General] section, add a line “sStartingConsoleCommand=bat autoexec” without quotes and save the file.
step 3: in your fallout directory (the one with the fallout4.exe, NOT the one with plugins), create a text file and name it “autoexec” (or “autoexec.txt” if you have file extensions shown. if you don’t know what that means then you have them hidden). open it.
step 4: populate that file with lines like these:
hlp “Lucky’s Intresting Tips 1.3”
hlp “wolf100”
hlp “craftable cats”
hlp “your mod you want to load without the .esp part”
etcetera. hlp command will try to load requested plugin but will do nothing bad (or good) if it can’t find it or if it has any other extension than .esp.
step 4.99: if you happen to have a .esm file that you really, _really_ want to load, then you should rename it to .esp and change all plugins that depend on it to use the new name (or they will crash to desktop with no warning). you can do that with wrye or fo4edit if you have any modding experience (or just tinker with it until you get some), but if you can’t do that yourself, you’re left with two options: either ask someone else to do that for you or slim up your load order. 200 mods, do you really need them all for survival?
step 5: save the files you’ve edited and launch the game. done.
when you load the game, it passes commands from the autoexec.txt to execute as if they were typed in the console (which is disabled in survival but it still works). these commands then used to load your plugin via hlp command. which is incomplete and is known to cause some issues like the scrapping bug.

Solution #2 (messy):
step 0: back up your dlcrobot.esm!!
step 1: use fo4edit to load your plugins
step 2: right-click on dlcrobot.esm and select “add masters”. add your plugins there.
step 3: save and exit
this one obviously requires you to have the mechanist dlc and won’t work with mods that rely on this dlc. otherwise it’s relatively bug-free

Solution #3 (proper)[obsolete since nmm 0.61.17]:
step 0: activate and sort your plugins via nmm/your other vaforite mod manager. save the load order.
step 0.5: close your mod manager after that and do not open it again because it’ll reset your plugins list otherwise.
step 1: open your Users\$user\Appdata\Local\Fallout4\plugins.txt (make sure it isn’t read-only and maybe make a backup)
step 1.5: if you can’t locate plugins.txt, check this:
step 2: add * before each _unofficial_ plugin’s (.esp or .esm) name:
*Lucky’s Intresting Tips 1.3.esp
*craftable cats.esp
you’ve got the idea. save and set to read-only again just in case and remember step 0.5. done.
it took a while to find, but this method is basically what game normally uses to load your plugins so you should probably stick with it.
also, if you’ve read that far, there’s a .bat file to automate steps 1-2 in the files section…

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