Some Things Never Change Reshade

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Some Things Never Change Reshade

War may never change, but Bethtesda’s attention to detail within their games certainly has. Despite all of my gripes with this game, I have genuinely enjoyed my time playing it. Being a grieving mother in a world that she doesn’t recognize, tearing across the wasteland to find her son, come hell or high water… it has a certain romantic appeal to it. But if there’s one thing that I can’t get past (Besides the lack of sidequests) is the awful, awful graphics present in this game. I swear, half the time it looks like an original xbox title, what with the washed out colours. Well, at least I can do something to fix that bit.

Why should you choose this mod? I mean, there are other reshade and sweetFX solutions available, both on the official SweetFX site and here
on the Nexus. But, the thing is that they do very little to fix this issue much of the time, and those that do bring their own issues to the table. My favourite was Stalker lighting Reshade, but it made light much, much too powerful, blinding players half the time. Compounding that issue was Bethesda’s baffling lack of a brightness setting. Others only compound the problems present in the game already, increasing the colours to little success. This preset should get rid of the washed out colours, get rid of that awful fog hanging over the entire game, while bringing no new issues.

This preset should sharpen textures drastically to bring out much richer detail within the game, decrease brightness slightly, and increase the
definition of the shaders applied to the game, removing the fog and other effects that the game uses. It also applies 32-bit HDR, which should improve the tonemap and far-away detail. No Anti-Aliasing is applied, I think the game looks better without it, but you can turn it on yourself or use the base game’s AA without any clipping.

All of the settings are unlocked, obviously, so you can edit them to your heart’s desire if my settings aren’t quite what you are looking for. If you have any questions on what the settings do, or just wish for me to release an update to this preset, ask away! Feel free to reupload anywhere else if you leave a comment here informing me of such. Also feel free to upload an edited version of this if you make one, but please message it to me so I can see what you’ve done, I would love to see it.

To install, simply move all files included (Excluding Comparison Images) into your main game folder. For me, this is D:/Steam/steamlibrary/Fallout 4

An amazing demo video by BigDucks:

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