Somewhat Skimpy Combat Armor CBBE Bodyslide

Somewhat Skimpy Combat Armor CBBE Bodyslide

*Updated the light leg armor. Now the knee plates aren’t so far away from the body.

As I was running around the Commonwealth, I decided that having a web belt around my characters otherwise bare waist looked silly. Also,
for those familiar with web belts, having one around a bare waist would chafe like crazy. So, I got rid of it! After an initial release, I was asked if I could do the same for medium and heavy armors as well. As a bonus, I thought the light leg armor looked silly, so I changed it to shin and knee armor (If only that guard in Skyrim had been wearing knee armor!)

Every piece is optional,

Requires CBBE and Bodyslide.

If you downloaded my original mod, please deactivate it and stop using it! This version is much more versatile and compatible with other mods!

1. Using your mod manager of choice, install the file
2. Run Bodyslide and apply your own style to the outfit “Combat Torso
Light,” “Combat Torso Medium,” “Combat Torso Heavy,” “Combat Leg Light
Right,” and “Combat Leg Light Left”
3. enjoy!

Known Issues:
– Certain adjustments will greatly skew the decal on the armor.
– For the light leg armor, some boots and shoes produce clipping errors. Should be minimal though.

-Craftable Custom Combat Armor is partially compatible. The custom decals and paint colors work fine. However, the camo versions are separate meshes, and will revert back to the original design. I was intending to fix this now, But it makes more sense to do it with a simple .esp edit when the G.E.C.K. is released.

-Every Armor Parts with Bodyslide is compatible, and recommended to use, as it includes the arms and legs for medium and heavy armor, as well as the arms for the light armor. If you batch build, just make sure to de-select “zz Cmb Lit Tor,” “zz Cmb Med Tor,””zz Cmb Hvy Tor,” “zz Cmb Lit Leg R,” “zz Cmb Lit Leg L,” or they will over-write my files.

Thanks to the following for doing such awesome work and inspiring me to release my own small edits:
Bethesda! Seriously, We need more developers that are so mod friendly!
zone79 for the idea
If you want to use these meshes for something else, please give me credit and link back here!

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