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Become a bad boys from the eighties !! Hunt deathclaw as if you were in jurassic park, or choose a “I’ll be back” attitude. Use this stand alone spas 12 shotgun to do big boom !

Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun Aka SPAS 12

The Franchi SPAS-12 is a combat shotgun manufactured by Italian firearms company Franchi from 1979 to 2000. Used in a lot of games and movies

4 receivers : classic vanilla damage improvements
3 barrels : short, standard and ported
attachments : light (red), laser (red), light and laser, with or without beam activated.
scopes and aim : iron sight, glow sight, leupold, Sig romeo 3, Elcan M145, OKP kobra (only with folded tactic stock)
6 types of ammo : basic 12ga, 00 Buckshot, 000 buckshot, incendiary 12ga, metal slug, bolo exotic ammunition.
damage modifier as usual (-80% to +99%)
ammo capacity begin at 5 and upgraded to 7 and 10 with gun nut perk !
5 Stocks : none, tactic folded, tactic folded with okp sight, tactic unfolded, static stock
A fully customisable holster, compatible with visible weapon using the CWAS system

You’ll get it in the chemlab under the spas12 category, or by console using the keyword spas1
LL list will not be done on this gun, It’s a rare gun, not a lot have been sold in the US

ANIMATIONS BY WARDADDY thank you for your awesome work !!! (animations are coming from the mod MP153 reanimation). Animations in 1st and 3rd person.
Due to my technical limitation, animation is limited to 5 shells. But you can choose to extend to 10 shells with the 5 anim version (you just have to reload twice in fact
Standard version is fully compatible with Bullet count reload
a patch is available to use this gun without BCR but you’ll have the reload bug due to vanilla limitation.
Only automatic version animations, pump action is not available.

SPAS model and UV : PETE3D, barrel and receivers modified and adapted.
scopes models : leupold and sig: eNse7en , Elcan M145 : RaYnoX, OKP : KolX.1999.rus
surefire light : tigg , laser sight : tigg, addons side shells : tigg
all sounds : navaro
Texture myself
Nif files creation and integration : myself
ESP : myself
XBOX portage : KoKazMoKaz93

blender, outfitt studio, nifscope, paintnet, gimp, fo4edit, bethesda CK, audacity, wavosaur, hkxpack

Credits: sayaheca
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