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spawn synth

ever wondered that it is very tiring/waste of time to search the npc id to spawn it?
well now with this you wont have to search for npc id to spawn it!!

(time efficient!!!!)

this is a bat file that contain all the types of synth and will spawn 1 synth
to spawn a synth you just have to press ” bat synth ” or ” bat synthtrooper” in the console
to spawn , you just need to press ” bat synthleader ” with no space between those two words

to open the console press ” ~` ” in your keyboard upper left corner

list of the synths in the bat file :

synth type:

Synth Synth Leader Synth Strider Escaping Synth Synth Scavenger Synth Patroller Synth Seeker Synth TrooperSynth AssaulterSynth Stormer Synth Eradicator Rebel Synth

how to spawn it:
bat synth
bat synthleader
bat synthstrider
bat escapingsynth
bat synthscavenger
bat synthpatroller
bat synthseeker
bat synthtrooper
bat synthassaulter
bat synthstormer
bat syntheradicator
bat rebelsynth


if you are using NMM then you know what to do.

manual installation:

copy the files to C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4/\
then you are good to go !

you can edit the number of npc you want to spawn by opening the text file and changing the number.

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What is this mod use for

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