Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Clean up your settlements with or without the hassle.

Update 1.03
–Just a bug fix for the formID’s that mysteriously reset themselves, mod should function properly now.

Update 1.02

**Two versions of the plugin.** Pick the one you believe is the lesser of two evils for you. I recommend the INI version myself if your rig can handle the extra objects rendered.

Ini Version – Requires the bUseCombinedObjects ini setting. This version can cause FPS drops in densely packed urban areas in the game, but does not introduce the Cell Reset bug. The Ini version has a Placement Patch to fix objects not being placeable in the Castle or Covenant. This patch is currently not compatible with other furniture altering mods which is why it’s separate, activate it when decorating the Castle or Covenant, disable when not.

Cell Version – Does not require the ini setting. This version does not have the FPS drop of the Ini version however it will introduce the Cell Reset bug in your settlements. This bug resets the non-player made items in a cell, including Power Armor, Containers, and Furniture. I advise storing Power Armor outside of Settlement Cells and storing your gear in only player made containers.

-Fix for Castle/Covenant placement now seperate esp
-More items added to Castle/Covenant placement patch (vendor stalls and a few couches and seats.)
-Skeletons can now be scrapped for bones
-Strange purple vine in castle can be scrapped


This mod allows you to remove the majority of clutter and waste littering your settlements, all of your settlements.

-Grass, Leaves, and Dirt piles
-Garbage piles of all sizes and shapes.
-Rubble from the Castle (some rubble is built into the wall mesh and can’t be removed.)
-Foundations from sanctuary houses
-Some sidewalks and driveways
-Vines, Shrubs, Brambles, Saplings
-Debris and Rubble Piles
-Garden Hoses, Flower Pots, Potting Tables
-Industrial Machines (in Grey Garden)
-The house ruins in Tenpines
-Lots more, over 300 items to the scrapping list

Ini Version
VERY IMPORTANT! You will need to edit your Fallout4.ini for this mod to work simply add the line below to the [General] area at the top of the file.


Optional – Activate the Placement Patch for decorating the Castle and Covenant properly.

Cell Version

Move your Power Armor out of settlements
Move any items you have in non-player made containers to a player made container.
Do NOT use the ini edit above. Simply place the esp in your data folder and activate mod.

Known Issues:

If you have used Scrap Scrap previously on your save and removed the hedges in Sanctuary then you will get weird LOD holes in the horizon when looking in a direction that would have a hedge normally. There is no fix currently other than to revert to a save before you removed the hedges.

Final Note:

While everything can now be removed some objects are still expected by the games landscape. Large Buildings and Hedges (like those in Sanctuary) are two examples. I do not have houses or those hedges selectable because of this. If they are removed, weird LOD issues creep up in the horizon when looking through where those objects would be, or standing in their place makes the world disappear. Be mindful of what you disable or markfordelete now that the worldspace is unlocked. BACKUP YOUR SAVES!

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