STANDALONE Improvable Combat Armor – KEEP your LIGHT Armor SKIN whatever you do

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STANDALONE Improvable Combat Armor – KEEP your LIGHT Armor SKIN whatever you do

Hello everybody !

I’ve made that Standalone for my self for 3 reasons :

1 : I only like the light combat armor skin (look beter with my principal outfit)

2 : I want to be the only one in my game to have a re-color / re-texture of my Combat Armor
(so ennemies and NPC have the vanilla combat armor)

3 : I have improved the stats (just a little bit because i think combat armor deserve a little boost)

So, that pack inclued also a DARK GREY recolor of the combat armor set (look at the picture),
there is NO LOGO on it.

I’am still thinking about the balance thing, and if you experiment any bug please tell me and post a comment here.
I’ll maybe add some flight helmet retexture to this file soon.

To get this in game :

1 : Open your console (press ” ² “)
2 : Write in your console : help customcombatarmor 4
3 : You’ll see 5 series of number (like for exemple 14000800), that 6 numbers series are the ID item of each part of your combat armor.
4 : So, you write in your console : player.additem xx 1 (xx is the ID of the part you want) You should have to do that for each part ( there are 6 parts, torso/leg right/leg left/arm right/arm left/helmet )

And there it is, you’ll have it directly in your inventory

Change your armor skin :

If you want to change your armor color/skin, you have to go on that page (one of my mods page) : HERE
(or, you download manually another texture pack from someone else)

1 : You download manually the zip files from your choice on the nexus (everything exept the chrome version are in my optional file)
2 : You look for the texture folder into the zip file (it should be : textures/armor/combatarmor)
3 : You copy everything inside that “combatarmor” zip file
4 : You put all of that into your customcombatarmor textures file (the right way is in your fallout 4 folder : data/textures/armor/customcombatarmor) (it is better to delete all the old file before puting the new ones)

And here it is, you have change your Combat Armor texture (and can do that whenever you want to, folowing the same step)

Don’t forget if it’s your first NMM download to check your .ini files and look the tutorial to enable modding on your fallout 4 data folder !

If you want to check my other mods : HERE AND HERE

ENJOY and don’t forget to ENDORSE that file if you like !

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