Starlight Drive-In – adjusted and a little bit expanded

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Starlight Drive-In – adjusted and a little bit expanded

Starlight Drive-In usually is big enough to build whatever you want, but a lot of people are annoyed by those junk fences between the long road and the build-zone, as well as that fence at the corner to the other road, since very often, those Trader-Brahmin get stuck at exactly that corner.

Now, this is history – you can extend the border to the south-west to remove all those junk fences and some trees, that lamppost, that made it impossible to max out and build in a 90 degree to the smal road.

Myself, I was always annoyed by that corner at the small road, leading up to the Drumlin Diner, since it made it impossible to build a clean and seamless wall, not to mention that you had to do some overlapping and that especiall Trashcan Carlas Brahmin, which seems to be the stupidest of them all, always got stuck at that corner.

Those trees, the trash and the corner of that junk fence no can be scrapped – one picture is showing my actual border, the other one (with the red lines) is showing how far you could go, if you want to.

Besides that, everything is the same.


As promised, I have uploaded a second version, making use of the whole but unused vanilla zone !

This gives a little bit more space along the long road and to the hillside, but a lot more in front, at the huge ad and where the bus is.

I kept the other road outside since Traders and Provisioners are using that one a lot.

On the additional pictures, you can see how much more space it gives, while the blue and orange lines are indicating the new borders, while the green lines are showing the vanilla borders.

A little tip:

To scrap the maximum objects, you should add bUseCombinedObjects=0 to your ini file and AFTER you are finished running around scrapping things, you should save, leave the game, change the setting to bUseCombinedObjects=1 and start building.

This procedure can help to get along the LOD-issue, since setting it to =0 lets you scrap more things, but you are messing with the surrounding meshes and objects and this is causing the LOD, while changing it back to =1 will stop it.

I’ve tried it again and in one case, it worked, in another case, it didn’t but brought most of the scrapped things back, so it’s like always: trial and error.

Credits: Eysenbeiss
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