Starter Housing

Starter Housing


I’m practising my base building for the time when CK finally comes out. This is a pretty big base right in sanctuary hills. Sadly you’re stuck with my name / char customization. I wanted people to use this early game so I haven’t done any quests besides getting the hobo’s move to Sanctuary.
Furthermore the interior of the buildings are mostly empty. I wanted to make you a shell that you could fit according to your own wishes. The basic stuff is there though, as is food / water / minor defense.

Obviously the materials look a bit too shiny for their surroundings but I intentionally left some stuff unscrapped. Combine that with the Grass mod + fixed walls and the surroundings look beautiful, yet not 100% finished.

Do give feedback of what kind of base mods you would like later on! What sort of buildings and where would you like them to be.


CURRENT STATUS : : : Save file added



Alternate Settlements

clean settlement

Longer power lines

Fantastic food planters

Snap ‘n Build Greenhouse

Homemaker expanded

Settlement Supplies Expanded

A touch of green

Brighter Settlement Lights

Pre- Apocalyptic Walls for Sanctuary

Pre-Apocalyptic roads and sidewalks for sanctuary

Robot Home defense

Simple Intersection



I recommend turning | True Storms | off for this base. I’m not sure why but the building is acting weird with the heavy rain / fog and it’s going through the building. Caused some sound effects to bug for myself. Also take a look at all the mods mentioned. Obviously some like Brighter Settlement Lights are not needed 100% but the mod makers all did a great job with these mods!

You can turn of the pre-apocalyptic mods if you want a more ruined Sanctuary, but for me it’s really made Sanctuary beautiful, yet believable.

If you have any questions, tips, feedback feel free to contact me!


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