Targeting Minigun

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Targeting Minigun

Adds a mostly standalone Minigun(meaning: vanilla sounds, model, textures) with its own ammo that can
lock onto targets and correct bullet trajectories such that most bullets hit your target.

update v1.1:
fixed broken keywords causing minigun mods to appear globally


very slight delay from firing to bullets actually being fired, probably due to the fact that its now a ‘missile’ instead of a ‘beam’
enemies behind cover will laugh at your extremely accurate wall shots
targeting recon marker will not function correctly if ai detection is off
‘Accelerating Barrel’ modified slightly to be reeaaallly inaccurate and have terrible range, to compensate for auto-aiming
is able to target children but the bullets are not directed correctly, possibly because i did no’t have an ‘unessential child’ mod
craftable at your local chem/othermoditems craftbench
i don’t intend to add an akcr version
the ‘Homing 5mm’ crafting recipe yields 50 ‘Homing 5mm’ bullets
requires “Gun Nut” rank 4 and “Science” rank 2 to craft the gun, almost all ammo and mods also “Gun Nut” rank 4
requirements for crafting based on similar requirements from “Armorsmith Extended”
“”damage buff”” easily added with fo4edit

optional file:

only modifies the ‘5mm’ and ‘Minigun’ projectiles, so that all miniguns gain targeting
allows for anything both a minigun and using 5mm ammo to have targeting, including modded miniguns that still use 5mm and fire minigun projectiles
can be used with the main file, but makes the main file’s only use to be an expensive crafting recipe for a minigun in case you lost or sold the one near the beginning of the game
vertibird based targeting is not particularly useful for you as the targeting does not tend to work from the vertibird height
enemy miniguns have this as well

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