The Crippler

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The Crippler

Ever wanted to cripple or blow off limbs effortlessly without worrying about killing your target?
Well then this is the mod for you, with The Crippler you can bring the mightiest
of Deathclaws to their knees in just a couple of hits, blow arms and legs off ghouls
like they’re made of pudding, or force a robot to self destruct because it can’t do anything else.

I’m not sure how to place the weapon in game (at least not without the GECK/Creation Kit)
So for now just use these commands for weapon and ammo:

Player.AddItem xx000000 1 (For weapon)
Player.AddItem xx001111 65535 (For Ammo)

Replace xx with mod load number and it should work.
This was made with FO4Edit.

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What is this mod use for

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