Tiny Goodneighbor Apartment

Tiny Goodneighbor Apartment

This is a custom interior player home in Goodneighbor where you can send your companions to.

I have created this mod for personal use but thought I might share with anyone who loves Goodneighbor and dislikes Diamond City as much as me.
I know there are a lot of Goodneighbor player homes already on the Nexus but most don’t give you the feature to furnish it yourself or send your companions there or the interior layout of the home doesn’t fit the exterior of the home (which my OCD cannot handle).
This is my first mod ever so errors could be possible. If you come across one, let me know.

Description: This home is perfect for anyone who wants to live in Goodneighbor for whatever reason. It is quite cramped but still can fit a proper kitchen, bathroom, bed and a small workshop downstairs.

-interior cell
-comes completely empty apart from the workbench and the fusebox for eletricity
-full workbench (you can build anything you want, even walls!)
-functions as a settlement (you can send companions here but it won’t get attacked by raiders and brahmin won’t destroy your furniture!!!)
-map marker (can fast-travel to and from the home)
-windows show day/night cycle

NOTE: The only problem I have with this home is that lights come through walls and into other rooms however, I think that this is a game limitation and I kinda fixed it by placing objects inside the walls using Place Everywhere. If you know how to fix this properly (in CK) let me know so I can update the mod.

-compatible with Better Goodneighbor (make sure to load it after CrimeTown.esp – towards the bottom of your load order)
-should be compatible with other overhauls that don’t touch the wall where I placed the entryway (see in photos)

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What is this mod use for

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