To Have and to Hoard – Junk and Component Weight Management

To Have and to Hoard – Junk and Component Weight Management

Built in FO4edit.
Looking for a lighter load to lug to your locales? And why are these wasteland wonders, weightless – a wizard?!
A few packets to choose from to adjust junk/component weight as you like.
Note that the UI, by default, only displays weight values to one decimal place, so many will appear to weigh “0.0”. This is not weightless (‘true’ weightlessness just looks like a 0 on its own), merely a visual effect. Actual weights will vary according to an item’s vanilla weight.

The Different Packets
2H2H – Junk Packet[File: 2H2Hjunk] The main one. Will decrease the weight of all scrappable (and some misc) items, as well as raw components, down to 10% of vanilla weight. Includes all the barbells and weights, because LOGIC IS FOR PEOPLE THAT DON’T NEED TO BUILD GENERATORS, DAMNIT! Previously weightless items are also given a little weight (at a tenth of what 2H2Hno0 does), so you don’t have to pick up a whole stack at once if you don’t want to.

2H2H – No Weightless [File: 2H2Hno0] Weightless items, including Pre-War Money and Subway Tokens, now have weight. (Most are 0.1, but burnt mags are 0.5). Also makes a full Giddyup Buttercup weight 1lb more and a Buttercup head part weigh 1lb less because WHY DOES A FULL TOY WEIGH LESS THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS, ARLEN, WHAT ARE YOU A WIZARD

2H2H – Weightless Components Only [File: 2H2Hcmp0] Makes raw, basic components all weightless. Use on its own or load after 2H2Hjunk. With this, you can hold all raws on your person to use at any settlement at any time. Super-handy!

2H2H – Tenth-weight Components Only [File: 2H2Hcmp0-1] Raw, basic components are a tenth their original weight. Included in 2H2Hjunk, so only use this is you want your normal junk to remain full-weight or because you are using 2H2Hno0. Makes it easier to bring the mats you need to an isolated settlement. Handy!

Install by dragging the unzipped *.esp into your Fallout4/Data folder. Enable using NMM or by modifying your plugins.ini file.
Don’t know why it isn’t working? You might not have set up for mods yet. Follow directions on this guide.
To remove, delete or disable the *.esp. For safest file handling, revert to a save before installation.

Suggested Alternatives:
[Carry Weight Modifications] – increase your weight across the board, if you want to carry a thousand guns, too.
[Weightless Junk and Misc] – nothing need weigh anything ever again! (Be warned – weightless items are always picked up as a whole stack.)

Credits: snackrat
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