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TroubleMaker Reloaded

This is a (edited) port of my “TroubleMaker’s Outfit” from NewVegas found here

This outfit is fitted to the CBBE body.
This mod requires Armorsmith extended and AWKCR.

As of 1.0.6 bodyslide support is available included in the main file. Made in collaboration with SkyCrap “SkyCrap Feckin Games”.

Split into 5 parts,
-The base outfit
-The leg holster and guards
The leg guards without holster
-The Jacket
-The Sleeves

All have the prefix “Trouble Maker’s” so can be found easily using the console code “help trouble 4”
Otherwise they are crafted at the armor smithing station

The base outfit offers 5 damage resist, and each added part after that is offering 2 damage resist.

The “base outfit” and “sleeves” have mod options, like weaves, linings etc.

Recommended Mods:

looking to add extra accessories to this outfit? try:
Apocalypse Accessories by Elianora and Jet4571

need a gun? how about a gun for your gun? try:
M4A1 w Under barrel by SkyrimForDaWin (myself)

Thanks to…
Caliente for the CBBE Body
Ousnius and Caliente for the BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Alecu for the assets from his/her “HGEC Rogue Armor” mod
Alex3874 for the assets from his/her “cloth collection” mod
dangman for the assets from his “Vegas Girl Variations” mod
L0rd0fWar for assets from his/her “The Rebel” mod
cloud911 for assets from his/her “Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded – CBBE BodySlide – Vanilla” mod
SkyrimForDaWin (Myself) for the Jeans retexture,the sleeves mesh and textures and making the sleeves bodyslide supported
SkyCrap for making the remaining outfit pieces bodyslide supported

Id also like to thank Valdacil and Gambit77 for the armorsmith extended and AWKCR mods

If I forgot anyone let me know.

Credits: SkyrimForDaWin
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