Valdacil’s Dynamic Homemaker Planter Harvest

Valdacil’s Dynamic Homemaker Planter Harvest

Valdacil’s Dynamic Homemaker Harvest

This mod increases the yield from harvesting plants and planters added by Homemaker to more closely match vanilla yields. There is also an option for increased yields.

I love the planters from Homemaker because they look so nice and neat. They look especially great with one of the greenhouse sets and the planter stand. However, I noticed that the harvesting yield of the planters was half that of planting the vanilla crops. Example:

Vanilla: 1 Corn crop: settlement food generated 0.5, harvest yield 1 corn
Homemaker: 1 Corn planter: settlement food generated 1, harvest yield 1 corn

So for the same settlement food generation I was getting half the harvest yield. This made it more difficult to
farm for things like Adhesive.

This mod alters all of the planters and crops added by Homemaker to use a leveled list to generate a random yield. There are 2 variations:

1) By plant – this option yields a random amount from one to the number of plants in the planter to result in an
average yield close to vanilla crop results. Example: 1 corn crop generates 0.5 settlement food and yields 1 corn when harvested. 1 Homemaker corn planter generates 1 settlement food and has 3 corn stalks in the planter. This option results in 1-3 corn harvested resulting in an average yield of 2 matching vanilla yields.

2) By model – this option yields a random amount form one to the number of fruit models. Example: 1 Homemaker corn planter has 3 corn stalks. When ripe, each corn stalk has 2 corn visible on the stalk. This option results in 1-6 corn harvested resulting in an average yield higher than vanilla yields. This option may be considered unbalanced due to higher yields.

The two rational I used are:

1) From a game perspective I was attempting to return yields to closer to that expected if I planted the crops

2) The random aspect is that when you harvest fruit/vegetables, sometimes you find some of the yield is unusable. It may be infested by insects or become overripened and started to rot on the plant. That is why you don’t always receive the maximum possible yield when harvesting.

This mod REQUIRES Homemaker. It must be installed first.

With NMM: Download with Manager and activate. NMM will prompt for options.
Without NMM: Download the file. Then use your favorite .7z, .zip, .rar program to extract either .esp file to your Data folder (use only 1)
ie: C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\fallout 4\Data. Then in the Fallout 4 launcher select the hidden plugin manager and select the modules to activate them.

– NovaCoru for the great Homemaker mod and for the awesome planters.
– Chikawowwow for Dynamic Flora Harvesting – not only did I use this mod to figure out how to make a random yield, but DFH works great WITH this mod. It adds dynamic yields to all vanilla crops.
– Khormin for No Wild Fruits – as an alternative to Dynamic Flora Harvest, No Wild Fruits has an option to do everything DHF does AND makes wild variants (wild corn, etc) yield their usable non-wild equivalents. I use No Wild Fruits together with Dynamic Homemaker Planter Harvest.

– You will not get a notification that you have picked the plant.

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