Vanilla Extensions

Vanilla Extensions

Version 1.2 is out, with massive changes
added snapping to the majority of vanilla furniture
added some extra furniture
added a windowed wall (no windows, just empty) – it snaps to floor only
added sink to all shack items for a value of 100
added a new prefab
various other small changes and tweaks
Let me know if you find any bugs or issues.
Added a small bugfix for the junk fences. Please install over main mod and allow overwrite.


This mod attempts to achieve two goals
1. expand and improve the way vanilla items snap with eachother
2. add extra items with same functionality as the vanilla items

What it changes:
Ads extra snap points to all elements, allowing combinations such as roof+floor, railing+roof, stacking elements (roofs, floors, prefabs etc.), junk wall+junk wall/junkwall+wall etc.
What it ads:
Bridges, supports, walls, roofs, junk walls and several more.


1. Via NMM
Download file via NMM, activate from the mod tab of NMM.
2. Manually
Download file manually, extract content. Copy VanillaExtensions.esp and Meshes to your data folder.

Future Plans
More metal options (walls, floors, roofs). Interior and exterior doorways for both wood and metal, as well as junkwalls; more railings; various small
pieces with complex snaps to allow creating custom bridges/walls.

Known Issues
Stacking snap points can be finicky for prefabs – best to try to stack them from above levels.
Supports can refuse to snap, most likely due to collision.
If you find any other issues, feel free to list them and I’ll try to get around fixing each.

This mod will conflict with any mod that changes vanilla categories. Fixed by installing Settlement Keywords and the SK versions of all your workshop mods.
This mod will conflict with any mods changing the nifs of the vanilla workshop items. Possible fix is to choose mod to win conflict and install chosen mod second.


Q: already has .
A: Feel free to use that mod instead.

Q: Found a bug!
A: Report it in the bug section or in comments.

Q: Your mod broke my game/my saves/my computer/my life/killed my cat etc..
A: Backup your save files. And this won’t break your game unless you have incompatible mods. As for others.. no it didn’t.

Q: Will you add ? How about patch for ?
A: Depends. Probably won’t make too many patches (use SK!). Maybe features, if they’re doable with my limited knowledge.

Q: I did not read the description and I don’t care about you and your mod and you suck and this sucks 420blazeitxxx360 etc.
A: Ramblings like this won’t be tolerated.

Q: Is this compatible with ?
A: Read description.

Q: Can you help me with my issue?
A: Depends. I will try, but make sure you provide a full load order and what you already tried to make it work. And no, won’t sort your mods if you have a bazillion installed.

Q: Can I use your mod to make mine?
A: You can use whatever files as long as you credit me. The more people use the same snap point system, the better.

Q: Can we be friends?
A: As long as you don’t try to bite me.

My other mod(s)
Vault Central

Ad3d0 – he literally taught me how to work with snap points.
Stuyk – his tutorial proved essential after understanding the basic of the snap points.
NovaCoru – her mods inspired me greatly.
FO4Edit team – for their tool which made this mod possible.
Nifskope team – for their tool which made this possible.
Material Editor – allowed me to understand how objects are textured, and then change textures to my own liking.

Feel free to provide criticism, ideas, list bugs – I’m listening ‘ears wide’.

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