Vault 111 Utility Jumpsuit (Vanilla and CBBE)

Vault 111 Utility Jumpsuit (Vanilla and CBBE)

Remember that bad-ass armour you got from Moira Brown at the beginning of FO3?
Well the schematics are now available at the chemistry station so you can craft your own suit!

This is a mashup of vanilla parts, works for both male and female characters.

• The Utility suit can be upgraded with lining, just like the “normal” vault suit
• Armour rating 10 for the utility suit (plus some energy etc. resistances), 2 for the plain mechanic suit without leather armours
• NPCs will treat your armour like it was a vanilla vault suit, comment on it etc.

The female version uses CBBE as a base, but since no skin is showing, the armour works out of the box with vanilla body too.
I’ve included Bodyslide files so you can fit it for your bodytype, but remember, since Beth vanilla armours are crappy lowpoly junk, it will look pretty messed up if your vault babe has huge nukes. Pun intended.

I also added a Mechanic Jumpsuit with the vault texture, in case you want to layer some armour stuff. It’s an unarmoured version but can be upgraded like the Red Rocket jumpsuit (ballistic weave). Note that there will be clipping with armour pieces.

It will eventually be added to my armour collection, but I really wanted to release this as a standalone so that people like me, who hate the spandex vault suit, can stand out as vault dwellers without looking like someone from the Unstoppables.

Armoursmith Extended and CWB patches coming as soon as I can get them done. I have worked the entire day on this armour FOR MYSELF so I really want to just go and kill some bad guys in this and forget about xEdit for a while.

Armoursmith Extended – get your patch here


BodySlide & Outfit Studio


MASSIVE THANKS to jet4571 for the Field Scribe Backpack mod,
from which I used the tiny backpack from.

CBBE team and especially Caliente for CBBE and Bodyslide for the denim overlay I used for the suit
BloodFeign for the vault suit resource

:: THANKS ::
Ousnius for infinite patience with me as I noobed my way through the Outfit Studio
Darren for being awesome and making me tons of teddy bear things <3


• My Hawke blood smear
• Black Pip-Boy (with white details) by shiz0
• Cinematic Excellence ReShade Preset
• Wasteland INK – Player Tattoo – HERETIC
• More Hairstyles for Male

I’d love to see your awesome characters sporting my armours! <3


– Eli’s Retextures and Recolours
– Eli’s Companions Overhaul
– No More Broken Dressers
– Hawke Blood Smear

Credits: Elianora
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  1. bubbleoon says:

    I couldn’t help notice that this mod removes the chunky forearm piece. Is there anyway you could extend that to the rest of the leather arms (i.e make them have just the shoulder bits) to make them look more like they did in the promo’s? That would be awesome.

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