Vault X-01 – Player Home

Vault X-01 – Player Home

NEWS: Hello everyone, I know it was a long time ago, but I just lost interest in FO4. I would like to thank everyone who supports and loves my Vault Mod all the more. I have decided to publish the mod for PC (also on Nexus) and allow everyone interested to develop the mod further. I only ask to be named as a developer. I am happy if this mod lives on anyway.Welcome to Vault X-01, your new player home! -> Please rate!

FAQ: Where can I find the vault? / Where is the map marker?
Answer: You can only fast travel. The map marker is above Spectacle Island (on the sea).
On Survival fast travel is allowed to certain locations (see below).
Please read the known bugs/issues list at the bottom.

– clean furnished player home with workshop
– clean/empty independent basement with workshop
– all crafting stations (incl. robot workbench)
– large display area -> lots of Weapon racks, Mannequins and Power Armor Displays
– two follower quarters
– Workshop Storage Access Points from different spots of your vault
– First Aid Bed, which heals you completely (also addictions, crippled limbs, radiation etc.)
– Nuka Cola Display Racks
– Vendor (sells scrap and all kinds of ammo)
– Terminal for playing RobCo Games
– Fish Tank
– Exercise Area
– send settlers/followers to and from the vault and the basement
– set up trade routes to and from the vault and the basement
– Map Marker for CW, Far Harbour and Nuka World
– (Survival) Fast travel to Vault X-01 and all settlements (also DC, Goodneighbour, Factions HQs etc.) is enabled (doesn’t affect your game in any other way)
– everything in the vault is static!
– mod is cleaned with fallout4edit

PS4- and XB1-Version and this PC-Version are identical.

Known bugs/problems:
– the vault access point is displaying a crafting menu, this won’t ever work and can’t be changed without scripting, just ignore it
– I can’t add any sorting scripts (mod is designed without external assets)
– some lights may disappear but they reappear after reloading the cell (FO4 bug)
– any mod that changes the fast-travel formlist for survival may conflict with this mod
– the power armor display is placed really close to the wall (because optics)
-> I recommend not to go into the power armor frames, just take the armor pieces you want to display and put them on the frames
– (Fallout 4 bug) the robot workbench and/or the mannequins sometimes disappear when loading a save after reloading the title screen (because of mods) -> just restart the game, sometimes the DLC’s do not load properly
– (Fallout 4 Bug) Strong, Codsworth refuses/can’t be assigned to a job properly (the animations won’t start/run)
– (only survival) if you have an empty bottle in your inventory the first aid bed is displaying the option of fill up a bottle with water
-> this can’t be changed because I needed to use an ingame script

Credits: XentroniumX
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