Wabbajack Pistol

Wabbajack Pistol

“I’m busy doing the fishstick. It’s a very delicate state of mind!”

This mod was partly inspired by Any Mod Any Weapon. It adds a recipe to the Chemistry Station in the Utilities section for “Wabbajack Pistol.” Craft the weapon then go to the Weapons Workbench and have some fun!

Whatever you attach to it doesn’t matter, it will still use .38 ammo, but will shoot MiniNukes, Missles and Laser Projectiles! You can convert the ammo type just like in vanilla also. Now you can actually have a use for those THOUSANDS of .38 rounds you’ve hoarded. Some of the weapons can be way over powered and some of them can be very under powered so just experiment and find something cool.

Not everything works, and most of the sights are broken with the weapon blocking most of the screen. Just attach a scope and the problem will be fixed. Sight will probably work with the regular Pipe Weapon Receivers and maybe some other pistols, but anything big is going to be in the way. I don’t know how to fix this and I probably won’t unless someone can help me out.

A lot of things just look weird and float in mid air so just be mindful of that. Sometimes when switching a mod other mods might change. Don’t know why, but usually can be fixed if you just attach the mod again. I’ve found it’s usually best to add the mods in order of the list (Receiver first, Muzzle Last) It uses the animations of the Pipe Gun for all the mods so reloading and other things might look weird. Also, don’t pay too much attention to what it changes the names and prefixes to, it adds all kinds of different prefixes that don’t really make sense, so just rename it to whatever you’d like.

I never tried Any Mod Any Weapon but I’m pretty sure this is very similar to that mod, so if you’ve used that mod before you should know the issues it has. I haven’t really tested this thoroughly besides making the weapons in the screenshots. I probably won’t be updating this a lot, if at all. Just made this real quick for fun, SO JUST HAVE SOME FUN WITH IT!

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Thank you BasedGod

Credits: DOOM
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