Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded MultiPack All-In-One

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Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded MultiPack All-In-One

You want this mod
yes, you . . . yes, you do . . . trust me
**p.s. if you don’t, please keep that to yourself**

Version 2.0 (just fixes, no new content)
– All new main files 28-Mar-2016. Includes all previous esp fixes. New users download this.
– New ESP only files (optional) for users who downloaded the mod (main file) prior to 28-Mar-2016. Download new esp and replace/overwrite.

Why you want it
You love cloud911’s Wasteland Girl Armor (we know, we’ve seen the stats)
You want it ALL. ALL color variations in game at the same time (we’ve seen the requests)
– no more manually changing textures
– mix and match color variations to create even more options
You want even more textures. As evidenced by the response to Jaymonoxide’s AWG recolor.
– plus a bonus texture from SpareCrap Feckin Games (who doesn’t love a red bikini?)
You want to compatibility for AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended (you know I patched this right?)
– can craft all items at the AWKCR armosmith bench
– upgrade all items with AE armor addons at the armor workbench

You want it all in ONE ESP!

Go to the downloads tab now and get it in your game while everyone else keeps reading this.

What you need
Pre-requisites (everyone’s doing it, feel that peer pressure)
Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Caliente and Ousnius
– because this is a CBBE-based mod (original meshes made with CBBE curvy preset by cloud911)
BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
– if you want to edit for your own CBBE preset
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Valdacil and Gambit77
Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77

1) Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded – CBBE Bodyslide by cloud911
– download, install activate (if you didn’t already)
– install the updated Body Slide files
2) Uninstall the Wasteland Girl Armor AWKCR/AE patch if you are using it (no longer needed)
3) Download and install Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded MultiPack All-In-One
**overwrite files from Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded when asked.
4) Go, explore the wastes girl.

**If I’m missing anything, apologies . . . please send me a post

Credits: SpareCrap Feckin Games - cloud911 - Jaymonoxide
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