Wasteland Ordnance – The Definitive Weapon Collection

Wasteland Ordnance – The Definitive Weapon Collection

Wasteland Ordnance is a Fallout 4 mod that adds many new standalone weapons to the wasteland. Ranging from basic pistols all the way to state of the art sniper rifles. Most of the weapons included can be found on NPC’s and all of them at vendors.

All the weapons come in separate .esp files so you can activate only the ones you want to use.

Included Weapons:

Heckler & Koch G3
Glock 20
Accuracy International L96
FN Scar-H
Barrett M82

and more to come !
How to install:

Extract the content of the archive to the Fallout 4 data folder located in your steam install directory for example: “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data”
Load Order:

All WO weapons should be on top of the list and Wasteland Ordnance Merged.esp should be last in the load order

***Note (Wasteland Ordnance Merged.esp) will only work with all WO esp’s activated.
To manually spawn the weapon:

enter the console and use the “player.additem” command with the weapon id. Replace xx with your load order number.

HK G3 — xx00082F
Glock 20 — xx000800
AI L96 — xx000814
FN Scar-H — xx000800
AK-47 — xx000800
Barrett M82 — xx000800
USAS 12 — xx00082F
To uninstall:

Delete the “Wasteland Ordnance” folder located in your Materials,Meshes & Textures folders in your Fallout 4 install directory.
Tools used:

Photoshop CS3
–HK G3 Credits:

Model and textures by Krycek
Sound by Sandy7a

–Glock 20 Credits:

Model and textures by Tigg

–AI L96 Credits:

Model by ImBrokeRU
Textures by BuLL5H1T
Sound by TiberiumSoul

–Scar-H Credits:

Model by ImBrokeRU
Textures by BuLL
sound by M-Productions

–AK-47 Credits:

AK47, AK74, AKSU74 Model by Tigg
AK47, AK74, AKSU74 Textures by Tigg
RPK, BOOLY & xamtsiledom
sound by X RaY

–M82 Credits

Model, textues by squir
Scope by AlexScorpion

–USAS 12 Credits

Model, textues by Pete3D


Reflex (C-More) – Odec3D
Suppressor – Yaxnee
RIS rail – Soul_Slayer, Thanez & sHiBaN
AFG – MirzaMiftahulFadillah
Unversal pistol rail – Krycek & 4Echo
Docter Reflex – Kaskad
Scar Hand guard – 32logan, Z06Frank
Mueller scope – Exciter_GB, Idlesheep
Acog – Twinke Masta, Exciter_GB, Idlesheep
Folding Iron Sights – tenoyl
Leupold Prismatic – kaskad & malignant
PSO1 – Tigg


Thanks to Junnari for the help on the sighting
Thanks to Insaneplumber for fixes on the sight textures & model
Thanks to Idlesheep for letteing me use parts from is mod

Thanks to all that let me use their models & textures.

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