Wastelander’s Rifle – Extended Weapon Mods Extended

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Wastelander’s Rifle – Extended Weapon Mods Extended

– Extended Weapon Mods Extended –

In the great mod by Akanami there is the “Assault Hunting Rifle”, but it is not obtainable.
I fixed that by making it craftable at the Weaponsmith workbench from AWKCR and while I was at it, I changed the name to

“Wastelander’s Rifle”

When you craft it, it should come with the 5.56 Semi-Auto Reciever, no Stock, Short Light Barrel, Small Magazine and no Muzzle.

From there, you can add the following mods:


– 5mm Full-Auto
– .50 Semi-Auto
– .50 Full-Auto
– .308 Semi-Auto
– .308 Full-Auto
– .45 Semi-Auto
– .45 Full-Auto
– 5.56 Semi-Auto (“Standard Reciever”)
– 5.56 Full-Auto (“Automatic Reciever”)


– no Stock *
– Wastelander’s Stock *
– Assault Stock *
– Wooden Stock *
– Advanced Wooden Stock *
– Polymer Stock *


– Assault Barrel *
– Machinegun Barrel *
– Short Light Barrel
– Long Light Barrel
– Long Ported Barrel
– Long Combat Barrel
Short Combat Barrel
– Heavy Barrel *
– SMG Barrel *


– no Muzzle
– Muzzle Brake
– Compensator
– Suppresor
– Bayonet


– Small Magazine
– Small Quick Eject Magazine
– Medium Magazine
– Medium Quick Eject Magazine
– Angled Magazine
– Angled Quick Eject Magazine
– Large Magazine
– Large Quick Eject Magazine
– AK Magazine *
– Double AK Magazine *
– Drum Magazine
– Double Drum Magazine *


– Iron Sights
– Glow Sights
– Reflex Sight (Circle)
– Reflex Sight (Dot)
– Kashtan Scope *
– Short Scope
– Short NV Scope
– Medium Scope
– Medium NV Scope
– Long Scope
– Long NV Scope

* The assets for these attachements are made by or include assets made by Akanami!
Everything else should be re-used vanilla assets.

The Assault Stock and Machinegunner Barrel have also been added to the Hunting Rifle.

Also, the UMP Barrel from Extended Weapon Mods for the Submachinegun was missing its mesh for some reason, but I included it in the download, so you should now be able to attach it to the vanilla Submachinegun without crashing!


Extended Weapon Mods
Armor and Weapon Keyword Community Resource (AWKCR) – valdacil

Known Issues:
Muzzles are stuck in the Machinegun Barrel

Future plans:
– more Recievers (.38, Semi-Auto and Full-Auto)
– more Magazines
– more Barrels (Akanami’s assets)
– Leveled Lists!

This is my first mod, so please go easy on me and give me some pointers.

Also check out Galejro’s mod:
Mauser 98K

Credits: Hagalaz
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