Waterworld – Blue and Translucent Water

Waterworld – Blue and Translucent Water

1.4 UPDATE – Upper Charles River changed to the exact watertype as the ocean. Meanwhile, the ocean was changed to be a little more opaque towards the deeper areas to keep the lower river from being too clear. I think. It was a cluster trying to figure it out.

A vanilla watertype error was also corrected for bodies of water that contained instances of both “ocean” water and “Charles River” water. Since they’re both the same in this mod, they blend together visually. However, you will still notice a seam where the waves aren’t occuring at exactly the same time but the sight is minor compared to vanilla. See this image for a comparison.

Let me know if this edit has caused other distortions and/or seams with watertypes elsewhere in the Commonwealth so I can pout and try to fix it later.


I think we can all agree that the water in Fallout 4 wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at.

I wanted to see if I could change that.

This mod brings you water with an increased blue tint and more translucent shorelines. Inland waterways like creeks, puddles, and ponds will be more translucent than deeper water like lakes, rivers, and the sea. Interior-cell waters will also be more translucent and less tinted as they are usually only ankle to waist deep.

This mod achieves its best look when used in conjunction with WET – Water Enhancement Textures and .ini setttings from Real Water Reflections.

It’s also highly recommended that you use an ENB and/or shader suite.
Even if you don’t use this mod you should be using an ENB/shader, let’s be honest here.



I’ve never tried editing water records in xEdit (for any game) but the variables in FO4Edit don’t make a lot of sense to me. Changing the underwater fog distance has a tendency to make the surface waves move extremely fast, for example. I initially tried copying over some data from Skyrim but plugging them into the same records for Fallout gave extremely glitchy results. Yellow, purple, bright blue, or foggy white water happened so many times it was like an LSD trip.

In the end, I edited only two values and I couldn’t tell you why they give the results they do.

Fog Properties – Above Water – Fog Distance – Near Plane
Fog Properties – Above Water – Fog Distance – Far Plane

I only edited these two entries but anything that modifies the Water records will conflict. Retextures are completely compatible.



Like I said, I don’t know why these values affect the water the way they do – at least in the way they seem to relate to their data in FO4Edit as opposed to TES5Edit – so expect at least minor graphical errors on or in water on occasion. Honestly, if there’s an issue I’m probably not going to know how to fix it. It’ll never be anything that disabling the plugin and/or removing the .ini edits won’t fix, though.

One common problem is surface ripples may disappear when viewed at certain angles. Also, underwater “fog” in the distance will no longer be the murky yellowish brown like before. Instead, it’s black. If you can’t stand the dark depths in the distance, you can use FO4 Config Tools to disable ingame DoF and it will make the underwater totally clear.

It’s not so bad.

Made with FO4Edit
FOMOD made with FOMOD Creation Tool

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What is this mod use for

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