Fallout Unleashed By Easy Toggles Hopefully Effective Since Designed Awesome

Fallout Unleashed By Easy Toggles Hopefully Effective Since Designed Awesome

Update: Please download the fixed version if you previously downloaded the files and see note at the bottom of the page.

If you are like me, you find read-only isn’t effectively keeping plugins.txt from being reset anytime you launch Fallout 4. That’s because the launcher is probably deleting the file, and making a new one. And as far as read-only is concerned, deleting a file isn’t modifying it.

Well, I don’t want the file to be deleted and replaced with a synth. So I’m removing my own ability to modify or delete the file at all. Until I want to modify it again. And now I can do it with the click of a file; a simple, transparent bat to remove your permissions from plugins.txt and another to add them back. They can be placed anywhere, and they will find the file. At least on Windows 7. I don’t know if its kept in the same place on Windows 8 or 10. I will make alternate versions if its not, if someone posts the locations.

So, the files are called lock.bat and unlock.bat, but you can rename them whatever you like. You just double click them and forget. Lock the file and it will never be changed by any launcher now and forever. Unlock it, and you can update your plugin list. Then lock it again.

At least until Bethesda starts using the SYSTEM account to do it, in which case I’ll take away SYSTEM’s permision to mess with my plugins too.

If you somehow use these files for evil, I take full responsiblity and will immediately commit seppuku if I can find a kaishakunin to be my second. But I will be pressing charges on the kaishakunin for murder (posthumously). And fully documenting it. Don’t use these for evil is the point of the story. Or at least don’t get caught.

Works with any version of Fallout 4 from launch to the end of time. I think.

“Never let the launcher disable your mods with a single double click. Run Fallout 4 how you want, without the need for fancy launchers or manual workarounds. No exe or dll’s. Plain text bats, designed to use and forget. Never run again until YOU decide to change your mods. No more checking if your mods are going to run every time you play.”

Note on updating: I suggest using unlock.bat from the previous version if you have your plugins locked with that version, but it shouldn’t be strictly necessary. Afterwards, delete the old version and use the new one. I’ve become away of a known windows bug that could make the file deny read access when denied delete access. The important thing is that my file is fixed now to avoid that issue.

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What is this mod use for

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