Witcher – Geralt’s Prologue Gears

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Witcher – Geralt’s Prologue Gears

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This mod adds The Witcher 3: Geralt’s gears which can be crafted at the Chemistry Station.

Witcher Crossbow (Weapon)

2 Colors : Cherry Wood Vintage / Ebony Chrome
2 Versions : Basic / Epic
Ammo conversions : 10mm, .44, .308, .38, .45, .50, steel bolts, silver bolts. Needs Gun Nut 3 perk for conversion. Each ammo has different speed and damage.
10mm, .44 caliber and bolts are considered as a pistol and affected by Gunslinger perk.
.308, .38, .45 and .50 caliber are considered as a rifle and affected by Rifleman perk.
Naming Rule : Black color has ‘II’ suffix and epic verion has ‘Epic’ adjective. Also each crossbow has various adjectives according to current ammo type.
Has own bow sounds imported from Skyrim Dawnguard.

Witcher Bolts (Ammo)

2 Models : Steel / Silver
Silver bolts need Gun Nut 3 perk for crafting.
200 bolts for every crafting.
Can be picked after being fired. (Some may not)
Slower but more powerful than 10mm.

Witcher Geralt’s Outfit, Viper Armor and Gloves

2 Colors : Brown / Black
4 Models : No Add-on / Medallion / Crossbow (Accessory) / Medallion + Crossbow (Accessory)
Lining, Balistic Weave and Legendary modifications are available.
Naming Rule : Black color has ‘II’ suffix. Each model has various suffixes according to current Add-on mod. (none, Medallion, Crossbow, Medallion C)
Armor Slot : Body, Torso (Gloves : L/R Hands)
Female outfit models are compatible with CBBE. (Bodyslide is not supported)
Humans, ghouls and synths including Valentine can wear them.

Witcher Wolf Mask

3 Versions : Glowing Eyes / Dark Eyes / No Eyes
Lining, Balistic Weave and legendary modifications are available.
Armor Slot : Eyes (47)
Humans, ghouls and synths including Valentine can wear them.

Mod : Legendary Modification
Body Weight : Center value makes the best shape. (open the console and type SLM 14)

Geralt’s Look : Geralt of Rivia (preset), Witcher Eyes Mod

Compatibility & Known Issues

Compatible with AWKCR
Incompatible with Scrappable Legendaries : Custom modifications will not be available.
Sometimes in conversation, the Viper Armors or Outfits can be disappear shortly. It might happens when your character is closed to someone or something.
Right after updating from 1.0 to later versions, the Viper Armors and Outfits seem naked. They need to be reattached ‘Add-on’ mods at the Armor Workbench.
If you cannot find custom modification options in workbenches, check your load order and give LOWER priority to this mod.

Credit & Permission

Made with FO4Edit, NifSkope, Material Editor and 3ds Max 2016.
Thanks to CD PROJECT RED for original models (male outfit/armor, mask, crossbow and bolt) and textures of The Witcher 3. This mod could not exist without their beautiful works. (CDPR’s permission mail)
Thanks to ‘EXPORT’ for normal map and color retexturing.
As long as you get a permission from CD PROJECT RED, you may modify and redistribute this mod’s contents.

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