X01 Power Armor WW2 Airplane Paints STANDALONE

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X01 Power Armor WW2 Airplane Paints STANDALONE

X01 Power Armor World War 2 Fighter Plane inspired Paint Jobs
This is the first mod I uploaded on the Nexus please be nice and report any bugs! Thanks!

The Standalone version is now available!

You can now mix and match and not have to download everything at once!
Each set contains the four colors in the resolution and version you choose, you can download different versions and use them all together.
For example 1k Clean with 4k Rusty with 2k Slightly Rusty.

If you have the old version (the replacer version) please uninstall that first before installing the new one.
They don’t conflict but the old version will be redundant.

If this is the first mod you have installed you might need to enable mods for Fallout 4.
Gopher has made a great and quick tutorial here on how to do it.

Since the new versions uses plugins you will need to enable them, here you can find how.

What does this mod do?
This mod adds new standalone Paints for the X01 Power Armor, you will find them listed as TDS WW2 “Color” “Version”.

For example:

TDS WW2 Green Rusty
TDS WW2 Navy Clean

If you still want to download the old version the mod replaces the three Hot Rod (Flames, Jaws, Pink) and the Institute paint sets of the X01 Power Armor.

4k, 2k, 1k which version do I want?
4k = Four times the area of the original (2k), more detailed at the cost of performance and a heavier download
2k = Original size same performance more of less
1k = A quarter of the 2k area less details but better performance and a lighter download

How do I install and choose between the different versions?

I recommend using the Nexus Mod Manager it’s easy to use and makes installing and uninstalling mods a walk in the park.
If you use this method you will be given the choice during the installation process.

If you are installing this manually you will find the different versions (refer to the images above to see how each looks like) in the following folders:

Choose the set you prefer and copy the contents of that folder inside your Fallout 4 “Data” folder.
Usually found in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\”

For example if you choose “_Rusty” you should copy the “textures” folder inside of it and paste it into the “Data” folder.
The folder structure if done correctly should be “Data\textures\Actors\PowerArmor”

Can I use this in my own mod?
If you want to use this in your own mod please contact me first.

Don’t forget to Endorse this mod if you liked it!
It’s not required but it’s a good way for me to know that you enjoyed it!

If you have made a video about or with this mod in it send me the link I’d love to see it!

Thanks to Daniel McGamer for the awesome video!

Credits: TheDarkShadow
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What is this mod use for

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