WW2 German Uniforms

WW2 German Uniforms

Until further notice, please be aware that using the Mod Manager to download and install the uniform pack won’t work as they’re all clumped together. It doesn’t take much to move them manually but I understand the desire for simplicity and streamlining the process. I promise I will get the uniforms sorted out into individual downloads as soon as I can. Also, if I note that people aren’t very much interested in the insignia-less uniforms, I’ll go to releasing them on an individual basis or something, as there’s no point in taking the extra time to make them. Let me know.

***To spawn the items in game, hit ~ to bring up the console and type in:
player.additem F6D89 – Sea Captain’s hat (whichever version you’ve installed)
player.additem 23432 – Army helmet (whichever version you’ve installed)
player.additem 23431 – Army fatigues (whichever uniform you’ve installed)
player.additem e3710 – Field Scribe’s Hat (whichever version you’ve installed)

—-4k Black SS Uniform is done!!! Looks incredible. It’ll be arriving Friday evening.

2.1a The first hats are in! 2k resolution and absolutely beautiful, check the pictures out!

2.1 Update 11/18-
*Leather Belts!!!!!! All uniforms now feature leather belts complete with photoreal SS officer’s buckle and stitching.
*Added specular and normal maps to all uniforms and helmets. All specular and normal maps are 2k instead of 1k. Looking into upgrading to 4k as an optional download.
*Touched up some of the details on the camo tunics; pockets and different sides of the tunic have separate patterns, they’re no longer a continuous one overlaid on the tunic.
*Added the black Allgemeine-SS tunics. Not doing any armbands at the moment because I’m treading on thin ice as it is. Consdiering it for a later date.
*Added the standard Feldgrau Waffen-SS tunic.
*All tunics and helmets come in versions both with and without the Sig runes and the swastika, so feel free to choose which you prefer.
*All tunics now feature the Knight’s Cross ribbon on the chest.
*Removed the sleeve rank from the camo tunics. It wasn’t rendering as I’d hoped; looking into restoring it at a later date. More focused on getting more patterns out right now.
*The black Allgemeine tunic features the Honor Chevron on the sleeve. Until more sophisticated tools are available, this will render on both sleeves. Not the end of the world, just thought it worth mentioning.

In the works:
*Bringing the spring Oak pattern out tomorrow (11/19) hopefully.
*Based on feedback, may touch up the maps on some of the uniforms to make them either more or less detailed…some look a bit more raggedly than would be expected in WW2 Germany, on the other hand, this is the wasteland and you’ve probably scrapped all your clothes irons by now.
*Bringing the officer’s hat out at some point this weekend. Planning on doing a black Allgemeine version with the white piping and the eagle, a gray SS version, and a gray Wehrmacht version.
*I will be restoring the field scribe hat to the download package as soon as I’m done touching up some of the textures and maps, as well as making a few new versions with details like the Eidelweiss.
*Wehrmacht tunics are coming, both camo and Feldgrau. For the Feldgrau tunics: Until meshes can be edited, I’m forced to work with what I have. In the spirit of being a bit anachronistic with the game and all, I’ll be modifying the original designs to fit into the in game fatigues; the wide lapels will become bottle green and feature the collar rank, etc.

As always, I welcome suggestions and feedback. Hoping this can start to get a wider exposure.

Hey folks, hope you enjoy this one if you’re looking for some anachronism in your Fallout experience….to the extent it isn’t one already I suppose. Anyways, I’ve redone the Army Fatigues, Army Helmet, and Field Scribe Hat in the wonderful Waffen-SS Oak B camo, the fall pattern. I have the green spring pattern coming, as well as other German camouflage patterns from WW2 on the way; splinter camo, the Fallschirmjäger camo, dot camo, plaintree, all of em.

As a note: some of the pieces feature both the fall and spring patterns on them, this is intentional. During the war all of the Oak camouflage items were reversible between the fall and spring patterns, and as the war drew nearer to the end, production issues meant that pieces of fabric were often mismatched. Multiple pieces were also sewn together so any texture seams are actually accurate…how’s that for working out? :p

I understand the…sensitive nature of some of the regalia and insignia that go with this. Granted, everyone is playing a game featuring profanity, gratuitous violence, nice nude patches now, and plenty of wanton chaos and destruction, so while I doubt most will have a problem with seeing accurate SS insignia, I have included versions of the items without SS insignia, leaving a blank SS tab (which also happened commonly during the war, so I can really get away with all this if you’re into the history as I am).

This is an evolving project, and it’s been a ton of fun so far. Over the course of the next few days I plan on releasing:
Non-camouflaged helmets and the hat, also with insignia like the Eidelweiss, the Totenkopf, etc.
The Spring Oak A *and* B camos
The various splinter, blurred edge, and dot camos
The Fallschirmjäger splinter camouflage. I’d love to do the smocks they wore over their standard blue Luftwaffe uniforms, but I don’t believe there’s a suitable model in game at the moment.
I will be doing the bandannas in the various camo patterns; soldiers of all branches can be seen wearing them, typically mixed and matched to other uniforms.
Different ranks on the uniforms, as well as some featuring the Knight’s Cross, etc.
Eventually some non-camo standard Feldgrau uniforms, and the Afrika Korps tan HBT uniforms.

If you have any suggestions I welcome them, and I appreciate any feedback you have to offer. I’ve had a ton of fun with this so far and I hope that others can appreciate the work I’ve put into it so far. The files should drop right into your \Data folder in the Fallout 4 folder. Of course, make sure you have the

sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, textures\, meshes\, scripts\, sound\, music\, misc\, shadersfx\, interface\, programs\, materials\

line present in your Fallout 4.ini file. Have fun! If you want to use these in your own mods, I welcome that, just please give me a shoutout in the credits.

Credits: SenyaTirall
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