A New Life – Joey

A New Life – Joey

BAM, another character save! oksorryI’mhyperandit’slatehereandIhaveworktomorrowlolplshelpmexoxo

Since I uploaded a female character not long ago I felt like it was only appropriate that I release a male counterpart.

This little hunk of a muffin is Joey. He’ll steal your heart and your caps at the same time~
I visioned him as sort’ve a sarcastic rogue type character. Like a bounty hunter, or whatever idk

There are two saves. One right after character creation and one at the vault exit so you can edit him if you want to ect.
(His specials are random so before you exit I recommend setting them to whatever you like. )

Also I played around with Nora’s looks just to keep it fresh. You might not like her but bleh it’s not like she’s around much. Or is she? shitidki’mnotspoilinganythingami?

(It might say the save is missing data when loaded for the first time, that is just because I have an esp that edits fusion core usage in power armor. And I’m just too lazy to take that out, save, then put it back in. It shouldn’t effect the save or your game at all… That wasn’t meant to sound sarcastic btw. but it did in my head… Everything sounds sarcastic to me… lol why is it so late?…sorrythisisn’tablogokokbackontrack. If the save doesn’t work right let me know and I’ll try to fix it<3)

Feel free to upload screenies of him personalized by you. I'd love to see how he turns out<3

Credits & Mods used with save:

Younger Male Face Texture by mrjack (This is needed for him to look exactly like the images, and it's a great mod to keep I mean so smooth mmmm)

Med-Tek Facial Reconstruction – Eyes by Xenius

Young Female Face Texture by Fuse00 (For Nora to look the same in the images and honestly you should just have it I mean it's a great mod so smooth yumyum)

Credits: Kyoe
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