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Ammo Converter

My english is bad, so I’ll explain it in short.

This mod was created with FO4Edit for Fallout 4 v1.3.47.0

The basic idea of this mode is that you can break-down the ammo for one simple component and then use this component for crafting a different type of ammo. Here are the components:

Ballistic Ammo Components (BAC)
Basicly bullets, cases, gunpowder and primers. You can craft any ballistic ammunition and grenades, which contain the gunpowder, with this component.

Energy Ammo Components (EAC)
Energy. You can recharge energy ammo or craft energy grenades with this component.

Fusion Components (FC)
Parts of Fusion Core. Think of it as a highly overcharged unstable fusion cells. You can craft Fusion Cells or some Nukes with it. You can get this componet only by scraping Fusion Core. How much you’ll get is based on you perks.

The number of receivable components based on the price of ammo, so there is no way you be able to convert some ammo to another and get extra caps by selling it.


Ammo Converter:
– “Main file” – Adds “Ammo Press” workbench and allows you to break-down all ammunition.
– “Ammo – Normal version” – Allows you to convert ammo without any additional components. Usually, ammo provides all of the components that you need.
– “Ammo – Hard version” – For those who think “Normal version” is too easy. Adds Acid and Copper as additional requirements.
– “Explosives – Normal version” – Recipes is same as vanilla, but part of required components is replaced with BAC or EAC.
– “Explosives – Easy version” – Remove Adhesive from required components.
– “Nuclear” – Allows you to craft MiniNukes, Nuka Grenades and Mines with Fusion Components (FC). Without this plugin FC will be used only to craft Fusion Cells.
– “Other” – Allows you to craft Rare ammo, like Flamer fuel, Cryo cells and etc.

Note: See ReadMe section for more details.

Gatling Use Fusion Cells – Changes Gatling Laser’s ammo from Fusion Core to Fusion Cells. Main plugin was made with the idea to use both plugins together. Let me know if there incompatibility with other mods.
Gatling Use Fusion Cells – Weaponry Overhaul – Weapon Balance Overhaul vesion.


Q: It’s a converter, so why you need break-down ammo?
A: Because this way mod use less keywords (6 actually).

My Mods:
VATS Tweaks
Ammo Converter
Ring of Highlighting

Credits: Detrax
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