Ammo Magazine Conversions OverHaul W.1.P 3.0

Ammo Magazine Conversions OverHaul W.1.P 3.0

Fixed more of the ammo crafting, Removed Bear Bullet bomb for time being due to complications.
Added the new ability to crafting station!
Heavy cost and also very heavy too!
10mm Loadout- Creates a grenade type item that calls in standard ballistic ammo 10mm-.38-.308 all the standard size magazines are included. cost 500 caps, 50 steel 50 gears 20 empty magazines 250 10mm Bullets
Call in loadout CReates a grenade type item to call in a crafting station to unload and reload ammo from magazines found and loose ammo found.

Fixed some bugs, and tweaked the ammo Magazine varying amounts more, chance to get half full magazines, a quarter or, nearly empty, and a low chance to get an entirely full magazine,
Best way to get full magazines is through crafting them or buying them.
sadly until the GEEK/CK comes out crafting at cooking stations are the only way.
Plans to field load magazines in the future.
-Crafting was tweaked a bit, when unloading magazines, you get half the amount back depending the size of the type of magazine, this was to balance ammo ammounts out.
FIxed Gun nut perk not adding levels to the perk.
Fixed Teddy Bear bullet bomb.

Optional file added!
Less Loose ammo loot on enemies now, Magazines from vendors cost way more.
Ammo is going to be harder to find along with more varying amounts of ammo found in magazines.

Optional file for
IFF-88 Standalone Tactical Shotgun by Skibada for compability with this mod is now up!

3.0 Update Energy Weapons and Receivers Update
Added Energy Weapons to the Magazine list, Due to the complicated Nature of Energy weapons
they will have a set ammo capacity of 36, but receivers/barrels max out what you can use at a given time,


Combat Rifle .38 and .308 Receivers are now implemented
They will use the magazines of the selected type of ammunition, but at the cost of they can only use those magazine ammo capacity. They can also still use lose ammunition of the different receivers but at a reduced capacity of 5
.38 Standard is at 13, Medium at 28, Drum 48
.308 Standard is at 5, .308 Medium at 7 .308 Large is at 10. Since use the hunting rifle magazines.
Hunting Rifle .50 Caliber
Capacity amount are as follows
Small 5 Medium 7 and Large at 10

Added a Teddy bear mine that can be made at the cooking station, uses loose ammunition to make.

Crafting has been a little bit reconfigure for balance, All ammo needs Gun nut 1 for the moment
-creating empty magazines now take 4 steel 4 screws and 1 spring to create. made it a little harder to make in the field, but also can be found in some ammo boxes.
Reloading and Unloading ammunition
Reloading ammunition requires Gun Nut 1 along with an empty magazine and the ammount of ammo per magazine size
Unloading Ammunition will only require the type of magazine, BUT you don’t get all the bullets back for balancing on scrapping a magazine with 1 bullet and you get 17 back is kinda not…real. so now instead of 17 rounds of 10mm you could get 8. or with drum magazines you could get 20/48 or so. (Just chalk it up as some of the bullets fell into the soup or lost to the cosmic gods of RNG)

Loose Ammo and still finding them on enemies- Should find less on enemies, I’m not going to really get into completly getting rid of this, due to standalone weapons needing loose ammunition, for those who are using this mod as well as those weapons.
Fusion Cells are the only ones that are completly “magazined”

Thanks to Skibadaa I can use his standalone weapons to make a compability patch to use the magazines!
so next up will be the IF-88 Standalone Tactical Shotgun and the WH-77 Modular L.S.W in the next update!

If anyone has a specific weapon that wants to be patched in let me know.

and thanks for using my mod!

[left]ANOTHER UPDATE! [/left][left][/left][left]V2.2
Added Crafting of Different Magazines into the Game

Look for any Cooking Station to Reload and Unload Bullets to exchange them to Various Magazines!
So saying you have a 10mm Standard Magazine but need 10mm Large Magazine you can by removing the bullets
from the 10mm Standard Magazine and crafting them into the 10mm Large Magazine, if you have enough bullets that is!

Why Cooking Stations, that doesn’t seem too immersive or realistic.
It’s not really that hard to put bullets into a magazine, Plus they seem to be the most abundant over the commonwealth
Created a Throwable Magazine for no reason, could have ideas for it in the future `\_(‘.’)_/`

Vendors should now sell some of the lower end Magazines, will be working more on that.

Next UPDATE will be for Laser Weapons and Plasma, Sorry if anyone has been wanting to try this out with Energy weapons

Looking into Magazines for different Recievers .308 Combat Rifle and the .50 Cal Hunting Rifle are still “Loose Ammo”

Any other mods that give more Receiver options with different ammo types will be loose ammo [/left]

Ok so I have COMPLETLY revamped as to how Ammo magazines works!

No more set numbers,no matter what the ammo magazine size is!
Now every gun you come across the Commonwealth will have Magazines on them Depending on what type of weapon they are using and what Magazine Mods are on the weapon itself.

THIS STILL DOESNT REALLY WORK WITH STANDALONE WEAPONS!…….Loose ammo is still in the game for later on adding a crafting system to add ammo to different type of ammo magazines! so you don’t have to heavly rely on just looking for certian magazines for weapons, Though some have been added to vendor lists so its not a huge problem….
There may be come hickups where some raiders/settlers/anyonereally will have loose ammo on them with the right weapon but no the magazine ammo needed for the weapon, so might a lot of bare knuckle brawling
Further testing is required to kinda figure that out….


Higher Prices for Different Magazines than just Loose ammo

Anyways as follows what has changed and what hasnt

Modding the magazine on the weaponsmith table will now correctly change how much you can hold, no more set ammo types…so no more just set weird values as the older version did.

10mm Pistol
10mm Standard Magazine now holds 13 up from 12
Large Magazine now holds 28 Up from 24
This also applies to the quick variants as well

Standard Magazine now holds 13 up from 12
Large Magazine now holds 28 Up from 24
Drum Magazine no change
This also applies to the Quick Variants as well

Combat Rifle
Standard Magazine now holds 21 up from 20
Large Magazine change
THis also applies to the Quick Variants as well

Combat Shotgun
Standard Magazine now holds 9 Up from 8
Medium Magazine no change
Drum Magazine now holds 33 Up from 32
THis also applies to the Quick Variants as well

Assault Rifle
Standard Magazine 33 Up from 30
Drum Magazine no change
Also applies to the quick variants as well

Hunting Rifle
Standard Magazine no change
Medium Magazine no change
Large Magazine 11 up from 10
.50 Conversion still uses “Loose ammo” —will be implimented later

TO USE CERTIAN TYPES OF MAGAZINES your gun has to be modded todo so

Example; 10mm Pistol with Standard Magazine, cannot use the Large Magazine or the Quick Large Magazine. and VIce Versa
It can however Use the Quick Magazine Version of the Standard Magazine


For the Moment any different Recievers on Vanilla weapons will just be back to “loose Ammo” for the time being

Plasma and Fusion Cell weapons are still being worked on. Sorrry for the incovience Energy Lovers!

Weighted Ammo Magazines (really these are not lightish lol)
Crafting and Disasembling of smaller or unwanted Magazines for ones you really need want
I’m Thinking of adding it to the Cooking Station, there are plently throughout the commonwealth and you dont really need a bench to jam bullets into an empty Magazine. BEEN ADDED!
Crafting of Actual Magazines and sizes will need a work bench.
Throwable empy Magazines for fun?
Plasma and Fusion Cell weapon Magazines…batteries, cartridgess?
Gauss Rifle as well
and MiniGun! Kinda ok with it now as it does eat through so much ammo….so so so much…..

anyways I hope you enjoy! Some of these things I might wait for the GEEK/Creating Kit to come out for just a less of a Hassle and headache


[left]IOk so this is my first mod.

So to me it never made sense as to why Ammunition in the game was always loose and never was in Magazines, Like where is all this ammo comming from, a Magical Magazine?!

So I modified the Ammo List to have it so that All ammunition is in Magazines, Its going to kinda work like Fusion Cores with Charges.
[/left][left] This shouldnt interfere with any other mods as it just changes the ammo to be a set ammount per
type and should work with all vanilla and standalone guns.
Sadly, Gun Modding your Magazines has no affect on how my extra bullets you can carry. πŸ™ I will work on that when the GEECk comes out.

Right now the Ammo for each Ammo type is Set to a Certian Ammount which I thought was kinda realisic and Fair.

10mm– 17 Rounds/ Per 1 Magazine
5.56—- 33 Rounds/Per 1 Magazine
.50Cal— 8 Rounds /Per 1 Magazine
.45Cal— 23/Per 1 Magazine
.308Cal– 8/Per 1 Magazine
.38round -23/Per 1 Magazine
.44 Round Kept as “Loose Ammo” Due to Revolvers

Fusion Cell—33/ Per 1 Cell

5mm—500 rounds/Per 1 Magazine
Plasma Cartridge— 33/Per 1 Cartridge
2MM EC Cartridge —17/Per 1 Cartridge

[/left] skibadaa

Credits: JDGemini
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