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Awesome CRAP for Settlers

See the screenshots. This is a collection of selected awesome community-made resources (only clothing and hair now) added to the leveled lists for Vanilla Settlers so they will spawn with them. Thus: Awesome CRAP (Community Resource Addon Pack) for Settlers. None of this work is mine – I just added it to the leveled lists. All of the authors have provided permission. Adds selections from Deserter X Shorts and Adventurer outfit, Elianora’s Armor, Outfits and Accessories, Azar Ponytails and Bordraw’s Hoodless BOS Field Scribe Hat. No settler stats or weapons have been changed. Just their clothes (and 3 females have been given Azar’s Ponytails).

You probably know this by now if you are here, but some of these clothes are somewhat skimpy. No nudity, but skimpy.

NOTE: Although I have not seen it yet, if another NPC uses the settler’s default “Wastelander Outfit” levelled list, that NPC might show up with these clothes too. It should be very few people. If you see lots of issues of it, let me know.

None of this work is mine – I just added it to the leveled lists for Settlers. You should visit the author’s pages and tell them how awesome their stuff is.

Selections from the following mods are included and THOSE MODS ARE REQUIRED DOWNLOADS FOR THIS TO WORK.

Version 0.9 Contains selections from:
nsk13’s DX’s Shorts, DX’s Adventurer Outfits;
Elinaora’s Apocalypse Accessories, Rugged Outfits and Armor Collection;
Azars Ponytail Hairstyles; – changed hairstyles of 3 vanilla settlers.
Bordraw’s Hoodless BOS Scribe Hat.

If you have other author’s works that you would like included, post requests or ask those authors to contact me. Im trying to keep it somewhat lore-friendly.

This is a standalone version for Vanilla settlers. My mod Better Settlers has its own community patch. Do not use this one with that mod. Use the CCAP Pack there instead if you are using Better Settlers.

If there are bugs, please let me know and I will try to fix them. Specific questions about the clothes/hair themselves should be directed to the mod authors.

Known Issues – do not install without reading this.
If you UNINSTALL this (or any mod that adds items to the game world) mid game, it will remove some items from settlers (not any you gave them – only ones the mod spawned for them). This may result in the (0) item issue in their inventory. Although annoying – this is just cosmetic and wont hurt your game. This is not a bug, but normal game behaviour. If you encounter it in any other manner, please report it.

Seriously – go to the mod author’s pages and tell them how much you appreciate their work. Its great stuff.

My other mods:
Better Settlers
No Lollygagging Settlers
Mortal Settlers
Only Female Settlers – Vanilla Version.

Credits: Thom293
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