Crossbows of the Commonwealth

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Crossbows of the Commonwealth

Gamespot’s Fallout 4 Mod of The Week (March 3)
As Featured in PC Gamer (March 5)

Check back for updates before and after the Fo4CK is finally released

Adds a new, highly customizable crossbow weapon to the game
Bow types come in a variety of flavors including flaming crossbow upgrades and a familiar compound bow design.

Craft a variety of different, powerful bolts for crossbows
Bolts act like arrows and in addition to sticking out of your enemies hilariously, can sometimes be retrieved.

Find crossbows in the world like other weapons – or if that’s not your thing, grab the optional file
Raiders can be spotted carrying crossbows occasionally and may also kill you with them.

See below for how to craft bolts

The crossbow is a powerful and versatile weapon, viable for both beginning and end-game play. It is a silenced weapon which benefits from taking the Sandman perk. It is a rifle-type weapon which benefits from the Rifleman perk. Stealthy and Sniper players both should find the crossbow to their liking.

While the crossbow is potentially high-damaging, its slow reload compared to other ballistic weapons makes using the crossbow in a full variety of combat situations a tactical choice. Projectiles are also slow-moving compared to using ballistic weapons, so skilled players will be rewarded for leading their targets.

Installing and Updating

Option 1 (preferred): Uninstall 1.1, save, install 1.3.
Option 2 (the risk is yours): Install 1.3 and overwrite.

If you choose option 2, crossbows will need to be rebuilt or re-acquired in your game.

Otherwise, install 1.3 normally with a mod manager or manually extract contents to your Fallout4\Data folder.

Grabbing the update file of your choice is recommended with each new version.

Patches for using other mods can be found under optional files and will continue to be updated.


How does one craft bolts and modify crossbows to be able to use different bolts?

Crossbow bolts can be crafted at the Chemistry Station. At a Weapon Bench, modifications can be applied to crossbows for them to use different types of bolts, provided that there are any in the player’s inventory.

Help! I’ve been playing for days and I don’t see the crossbow anywhere. Merchants aren’t selling them and enemies aren’t using them.

It’s possible that you have other mods which conflict with this one (see the ReadMe tab). You need to make yourself a merged patch (link to video tutorial) or resolve these conflicts manually. If you have made a merged patch, make sure that it is loaded after your mods which conflict with each other in your load order.

Why do crossbow bolts appear out of thin air when reloading?

That’s how they do. The crossbow is based off of reloading animations for the Laser Musket. As such, the part where the player physically places another bolt, ready to be cocked never happens. Oh well.

I think this weapon needs serious re-balancing. Or maybe just some tweaks.

Your feeback is most welcome. It is my goal to make this weapon feel balanced with the rest of the game.

Why are flaming bow upgrades available but not other upgrades available in the receiver slot?

Currently, the fire effect for flaming crossbows is required to be placed in with the rest of the bow’s moving parts. This is a technical challenge which may be overcome in a future update. This doesn’t prevent you from applying other bolt modifications to flaming crossbows, however.

This mod was made with the following tools:

Fo4Edit PreRelease Alpha
NifSkope 2.0 Pre-Alpha
Photoshop CS2
3ds Max

Check out my Buzz Axe mod if you’re feeling adventurous

Credits: TrickyVein
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