Decontamination Booth

Decontamination Booth

Well, the trailer for Wasteland Workshop’s out. Bethesda’s brought out their own workshop decontamination options. I don’t see too much point in developing this idea too much further now. I will keep this mod available (as is) for anyone who prefers this style, but expect it to be fairly low priority for me to work on any further updates.

Abraxodyne Chemicals is proud to present their industrial strength…
Decontamination Booth
Remove rads in the comfort and security of your own settlement with this easy to build modern convenience.
This mod uses the vanilla menu and is compatible with Settlement Keywords and all other workshop mods.

How To Build

After installation, this item will appear in the Resources – Miscellaneous tab of your workshop menu.

Science 1
Medic 1
Circuitry (2)
Glass (2)
Antiseptic (5)
Steel (10)

How To Use

Simply open the door and step inside, the decontamination shower starts when the light switches on.

The decontamination shower automatically switches off after 60 seconds, if you’ve got a lot of rads or you’ve left it with the door open for a while just cycle the door again to switch it back on.

Current Version

Version 0.2 allows this to be built in the locations created by the Basement Living mod.


Nothing unusual here. Just download the main file and either install through NMM or extract it manually to your Fallout 4 Data folder.
There’s a French translation available on the files page.


IMPORTANT: This file uses scripts to manage its effects. If you need to remove it from an ongoing game, please make sure to scrap all decontamination booths first and then create a new save so that the scripts don’t linger in your save-game file.
Otherwise just deactivate it in NMM or delete the files from your Fallout 4 data directory as per normal.


Please ask permission before reusing any elements of this mod.
This mod was posted on with my permission.

Alternate Languages

French translation by leatherbloke. Traduction français par leatherbloke. (Merci)
~ Version 0.2 maintenant.

To do list

Make a visual effect to show that it’s working.

Special Thanks to

Orvid, without the Caprica Papyrus Compiler I could have never made this.
And of course Bethesda, both for the game and because this mod uses their vanilla assets.

Video Reviews and Features

Credits: PoliteRaider
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