ETRFC – Exit Terminals Ready For Combat

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ETRFC – Exit Terminals Ready For Combat

“Late one night this Vault Dweller sneaked into the place -”
“How’d you know he’s a Vault Dweller?”

“Those blue pajamas. Shaddup, I’m telling a story. Anyway, he snuck in – poked around in a terminal – then stood up like some kinda retard. That’s when we noticed him.”

“What’d ya do?”
“Shot him.”

When you exit the Pipboy, you go straight back into the state you were in when you entered it. (Sneaking, weapons drawn, etc.) When you exit a terminal, you stand up like an idiot – with no weapons in your hands. (Double-idiot.)

This mod puts you back into the same state you were in when you got into the terminal. Examples:

* standing, no weapon
* standing, weapon
* sneaking, no weapon
* sneaking, weapon

~~~Honorable Mentions~~~
damanding/crayonkit, who made me start thinking about terminals
kinggath, who gave a couple of hints that helped me along

~~~Known Issues~~~
This mod works by making a record of the character’s sneaking/weapons status every minute. If you go into a terminal at the moment it’s checking, it might think that you were standing up with no weapons in hand – when you were originally sneaking and had a weapon drawn. It’s rare, but is possible.

If you’re also spamming the sneak/unsneak and/or draw/sheathe weapon, it can lose track. It’ll take a minute or so to catch up. You’d have to make a determined effort to cause this.

Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier save.

Q: I’m a modpack user and-
A: Talk to the modpack author.

Q: XBox?
A: Here:

Credits: Whisper
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