Fallout 4 Vanilla 99-Percent Completed Savegame

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Fallout 4 Vanilla 99-Percent Completed Savegame

Some of you may already know me from my completed Skyrim Save. Of course a Fallout 4 one couldn’t be missed! Hence a completed save of Fallout 4 too.

Savegame Version 1.0 includes: The completed vanilla game (up until faction choice)
Savegame Version 1.1 includes: The vanilla game + Brotherhood of Steel Faction chosen
Savegame Version 1.2 includes: The vanilla game + The Railroad Faction chosen
Savegame Version 1.3 includes: The vanilla game + The Institute Faction chosen
Savegame Version 1.4 includes: The vanilla game + The Minutemen Faction chosen

Version 1.0 (Vanilla game completed up until faction choice)

Character name: Naomi
Sex: Female
Level: 106
Hours played: 154 hours
Perk points left to spend: 20+

The Vanilla Savegame Includes:

– Completion of all quests¹
– Completion of all non-repeatable misc. objectives
– All locations found
– All comic books found
– All bobbleheads found
– All settlements owned
– All settlements are populated²
– All companions have reached maximum affinity
– All companion perks unlocked
– All level four shops
– Collected all unique weapons³
– Collected all unique armor³
– Collected all normal armor/weapons
– Unlocked all radio stations
– Collected all robot model toys
– Collected all Power Armor paint jobs
– Collected all versions of the Power Armor

¹ Some quest(s) could not be completed due to bugs or wrong timing/speach checks. None of those quest(s) were important to the main story so the loss is minimal. To read what quests were missed/bugged, download the ReadMe i will upload soon.
² The Boston Airport settlement is not populated due to not being able to plant food and needing to manually send settlers there.
³ Some vendors/NPC’s were bugged which resulted in not being able to get some unique weapons/armors. Some unique weapons/armors also depended heavily on the faction choice, so faction based weapons/armors i was not able to get (but are present in the faction saves).

In the image section of this mod you can find where i put all the items.
The main workbench (where stuff isn’t broken down yet) is at the Sanctuary settlement.

Version 1.0a (Vanilla completed + Mechanist DLC)

– Found all schematics
– Collected all robot mods
– Obtained the pipboy automatron game
– Collected all new armor
– Collected All new weapons
– All new locations found

I chose not to get the perk robotics expert in this save, because your INT goes up which causes a lower chance of idiot savant activating. Of course you can still get it yourself so you can build every robot part.

Version 1.1 (Brotherhood of Steel)
Includes: Everything mentioned in version 1.0, but with BOS as chosen faction

Version 1.2 (The Railroad)
Includes: Everything mentioned in version 1.0, but with The Railroad as chosen faction

Version 1.3 (The Institute)
Includes: Everything mentioned in version 1.0, but with The Insitute as chosen faction

Version 1.4 (The Minutemen)
Includes: Everything mentioned in version 1.0, but with The Minutemen as chosen faction


Q: Why is it 99% and not 100% completed?
A: Short explanation: stuff gets bugged, so you can’t get certain items/complete things anymore. Long explanation: read the ReadMe.

Q: Where are all the companions?
A: They’ll be wandering around in Starlight Drive-in (the settlement you spawn in).

Q: You’re missing item X / Haven’t done X
A: If so, please tell me in the comment section.

Q: Where can i find item X
A: Go to the image section of this mod, where i wrote down where everything is placed in general terms.

Q: I don’t like the perks you’ve chosen / It doesn’t cater to my playstyle
A: You can add/remove perks with the console commands.

Q: Do your saves work on Xbox 1 or PS4?
A: Not sure, but you can try.

Q: Can i request a save with [insert progress here] A: Not at this time, small changes to a save i might do though.

Q: Your save doesn’t work
A: Could be a mod preventing you from loading it/ you placed it in the wrong directory.

Q: If i install manually, where do i place the save?
A: My computer -> Documents -> My games -> Fallout 4 -> Saves

Q: I don’t like X
A: You can modify this save to your wishes with console commands

Q: Did you cheat
A: Only when stuff needed fixing

Q: Did you use any mods while making this save?
A: Nope

Q: Why is your character female/named Naomi
A: Because that’s my name… You can change gender/name with console commands.

Q: Why aren’t all locations cleared, like your Skyrim save?
A: Fallout 4 has a weird way of counting something as cleared. Some things can get uncleared or cleared twice or not cleared at all. So i chose not to include it in the save.

Q: Why didn’t you get all keys, like your Skyrim save?
A: There are very few keys in Fallout 4 so it’s not really the effort to include them. Besides, lockpicking is just as easy.

See ReadMe section on the menu bar.

Credits: Heatedsun
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