FO4 CRIBS – Red Rocket Player Homebase

FO4 CRIBS – Red Rocket Player Homebase

FO4 CRIBS – Red Rocket Player Homebase

Please excuse any inconvenience which might occur when faced with heavy grammar errors and misspelling from my part.

What is it?
It´s the idea of sharing the result of countless hours building a modest homebase in FO4 from which i plan to explore the
Wasteland and its coming DLC. I´ve built the whole structure with “vanilla” parts which i placed mostly with the help of
the ingame console, meaning most objects are exactly set in position and angle.Throughout the use of the ingame console
i was also able to place some objects into other building elements, upgrading them visually in the process.
(check the images)

The house itself is on top of the Red Rocket building and has four floors with an accessable roof. It provides beds for all
ingame companions as well as alot of room for storing and displaying your loot.

Floor 0 (inside the gas station)

Floor 1
entrance / living area / kitchen / dinner table / magazine displays / etc.

Floor 2
crafting area / power armor rigs / pool billard room (oversized so it can be changed if DLC brings new building stuff)

Floor 3
5 x companion rooms each 2 beds / gender rest rooms / chill area / balcony

Floor 4
master bedroom / jacuzzi junk tub bathing area / roof access

Floor 5 (roof)
main electricity / wind generators / siren / settlement beacon

Note – The lightbox Vault Boy on both sides of the building is possible thoughout the use of the mod “Unpowered Lightboxes”.
I would have prefered to go without mods, but the amount of lightboxes would mean an ridiculous need of generators. You
can either go with the mod i use, or you use another mod which increases the power output of wind generators, or you simply
scrap the lightboxes.

How do i install it?
You can either continue to play with the savegame i´ve uploaded or you use the mod “Cell Ripper” to transfer the settlement
to a savegame of your choice.

A) I´ll continue to play with your savegame:

Download my savegame and copy it to your Fallout 4 savegame folder, also download the mod “Unpowered Lightboxes” and
install it via NMM or use a solution from the note above to get the many lightboxes powered.

B) I want to transfer your building to another savegame:

First of all, clear the Red Rocket Station in the savegame you want to manipulate of all companions and loot before you try
to transfer cell content! Download my savegame and the tool “Cell Ripper”. Start the tool, localize my savegame, localize
your savegame of choice, set the settlement you want to transfer to “Red Rocket Truck Stop”, then hit transfer and a new
savegame will be produced.

Anything else?
As soon as Batusda patches the static features on objects ill decorate the house, until then u might give “OCD” a chance.

Many thanks to:
xatmos – for creating and sharing his tool “Cell Ripper”
ShaRose – for creating and sharing his mod “Unpowered Lightboxes”

Credits: falloutseekerms
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