M4A1 w Under Barrel

M4A1 w Under Barrel


This mod though usable is not complete, upon release of the fallout 4 creation kit I intend to add functionality to the grenade launcher and the upcoming shotgun under barrel attachments. If this interests you I invite you to track the mod.

The weapon uses submachine gun animations, so they dont line up 100%.. I may create new ones to fit after the creation kit is out (assuming its possible).. alternatively if you think a different existing animation would fit better, let me know.

The weapon is craftable at the chemistry stations and mods at the weapon station.

I have included a second esp file in the mod that increases damage of some of the receivers, if you want the increased damage simply activate the second esp, loading it after the M4A1.esp.

Load order:

Attachment List (2016/03/09 (YYYY/MM/DD))
Receiver – 14 (Various stat upgrades and effects for both semi-auto and full-auto)
Magazine – 4 (Standard 30 round mag, drum mag and quick reload versions of both)
Sight – 3 (ACOG Scope (4x and 1.5x zooms) and iron sight)
Barrel – 1 (Only standard at this point)
Grip (aka Under Barrel) – 2 (M203 Grenade Launcher and 870 Masterkey)
Muzzle – 1 (Supressor)

Showcase Videos:


None as of yet


The Meshes are not my own and so I dont think I can give permission for any edits or reuploads to the meshes (however you can ask me to upload them to my page).

The 870 Masterkey (Under Barrel Shotgun) mesh belongs to SpecterArts @ TurboSquid

The M4A1/ACOG/Grenade Launcher Under Barrel meshes belong to WJvB @ TurboSquid

Retextures/edits are ok by me, send me a message and Ill add your mod link to my page, Just remember you cannot reupload the meshes!
if you need things changed within the mod for your retexture/edit please let me know (like UV maps (i got lazy on some of them) or splitting up the shared materials).


Thanks to SpecterArts @ TurboSquid for the 870 Masterkey (Under Barrel Shotgun) mesh

Thanks to WJvB @ TurboSquid for the M4A1/ACOG/Grenade Launcher Under Barrel meshes

SkyrimForDaWin (myself) for texturing and UVing the models

Special thanks to Stabcops for fixing the CTD issue on the weapon modding interface

Bethesda for Fallout 4

Tools used:
3dsMax 2016
Adobe PhotoShop CS.5

Credits: SkyrimForDaWin
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What is this mod use for

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