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my Craftable Ammo

my Craftable Ammo allows you to craft and breakdown (almost) all ammo types on the new standalone workbench “Ammo Pressbench”.
Ammo Pressbench comes with edited textures and meshes, and you can put it in any of your settlements like any other workbench.
There are six tabs in the Pressbench menu: Ballistic Ammo, Ballistic Ammo Breakdown, Energy Ammo, Energy Ammo Breakdown, Explosives and Explosives Breakdown.
All craftable and breakdown-able(?) ammo types are limited by perks (Gun Nut, Science and Demolition Expert, Blacksmith), whilst some ammunition is only available for crafting/breaking down if player has the crafting schematics for it or if player has finished certain quest:
Cannonball: Player has to finish USS Constitution quest
Mini Nuke, Railway Spike, Cryo Cell: Player has to find crafting schematics (+perk restrictions)
All crafting schematics are placed in sensible and lore friendly places and they should be fairly easy to find following main story line.
But if someone doesn’t want to look for the schematics, here is the spoiler gif:
Alien blaster ammo, Fusion Core and Flares are not craftable for lore and other reasons.

There are three versions of mod:
25x ammo rounds per crafted recipe (100 rounds for 5mm and Flamer fuel, 5 Mini Nukes) – Recommended version (most balanced)
50x ammo rounds per crafted recipe (200 rounds for 5mm and Flamer fuel, 10 Mini Nukes)
100x ammo rounds per crafted recipe (300 rounds for 5mm and Flamer fuel, 20 Mini Nukes)
*Resource requirements are staying the same for each version of the mod but they are balanced for 25x version of the mod.

Full list of craftable ammo types, crating components, breakdown components, requirements: click for google spreadsheet

There is also no perk (and other) restrictions version of the mod, which is the same like normal mod, but with no perk restrictions. Who guessed?
*Resource requirements and amounts of ammo you get are same as in perk restricted version.

Ammo Breakdown
This mod also allows player to breakdown the ammo. There are new misc. junk items added for each type of ammo (.308, Fusion Cell… etc.).
Amount of ammo required to craft the ammunition junk items is same as in the version you’ve installed (25x, 50x, 100x).
Example: (you’ve installed 50x Ammo version) 50x 10mm ammo = 1 10mm Breakdown Scrap.
When you craft Breakdown Scrap items, they’ll appear under the junk tab in your pipboy and they are as any other junk.
Each ammo breakdown scrap item has different components, depending on what type of ammo is broken down.
Perk requirements for breaking down the ammo are rank 1 of the perks required to craft the ammo.
Breaking down Mini Nukes, Cryo Cells and Railway Spikes is also limited by finding their crafting schematics.
Notice: you don’t have to find schematics if you’re using No Restriction version, because there are no schematics.

Tiny disclaimer:
As much as the 50x and 100x versions are making game “easier”, they also makes breaking down the ammo harder.
Because you need 50 or 100 ammo rounds to scrap it and you still get the same amount of scrap from the breakdown as the 25x version, so basically –
more ammo = less scrap. So that’s another reason why 25x version is most balanced and recommended to use.

initial release

Added fomod installer
Added Gun Nut 1 perk requirement for 5mm, 10mm and .38 ammo
Added no restriction version (separate file with fomod)

Moved all ammo recipes in newly added “AMMO” tab.
5mm and Flamer fuel – added few required resources (5mm only) and changed the amount of ammo you get per crafted recipe (100x, 200x, 300x)

Added standalone ammo crafting workbench aka. Ammo Pressbench
Changed the amount of Mini Nukes you get per crafted recipe
Minor balance changes

Changed the Pressbench mesh and added more stuff on it

Added breakdown recipes for each craftable ammo type
Added crafting schematics for Mini Nuke, Cryo Cell, Railway Spike
Changed the required perks for crafting mini nuke (Nuclear Physicist 2 instead of Science perk)
Minor balance changes

Go to files tab, choose the version of the mod you want to use (perk restriction/no perk restriction), download it with NMM, activate it and choose the option you want (25, 50, 100) in the fomod installer.

Updating the mod
Deactivate previous version, remove it from your mod list and follow Installation step.

DEF UI and Valdaci’s Item Sorting Patch
There is DEF UI and Valdacil’s Item Sorting Patch in optional files for users of Valdacil’s Item sorting and DEF UI, so that all misc. items added by this mod will get that little icon in front of their name. MAIN FILE REQUIRED!
There is separate patch for Perk restricted and No Restriction version of the mod, so watch out which one you’re downloading.
After installing the patch just make sure that the patch is under the main file of the mod.

Deactivate it in NMM and remove it from your mod list.

Add no perk and quest restriction versions ✓
One file with NMM installer ✓
Put all ammo recipes in separate “AMMO” Chemistry Station menu ✓
Nerf the number of mini nukes you get per crafted recipe (smaller number, less req components) ✓
Change/add stuff on workbench mesh ✓
Add ammo breakdown recipes (break down the ammo for components) ✓
Make google spreadtheshit ✓
Put Ammo Pressbench in some interiors (Prydwen, Railroad HQ, Goodneighbor)
Re-make the mod in CK (when it comes out)
Potential rebalance changes
Potential suggestions

*Feel free to give me some feedback on what do you think about the mod, what would you like to be added/changed, etc.

*If you find this mod useful at any point, please endorse it, it really means a lot.
*Thanks to everyone who already downloaded and endorsed the mod, Papa bless you.
*Thanks to Elianora for tutorial: (click here for video)

Tools used: FO4Edit, NifSkope, Photoshop, BAE, Material Editor, Outfit Studio

My other mods:
Brahmin Ramen
Jack’s Whiskey

Credits: mac777
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